Monday, 27 October 2014

Dear Maeve, 

I have been awfully quiet around here lately. 

Life is busy. A happy busy. But I do miss sharing bits & pieces of the every day. 

Today seems like a good day to be back. Today was BIG. You have taken a couple of steps here and there over the last week, but today you took a record ten!

I snapped a few photos from our mornings play. 
I call it - ten minutes in the life of maeve. 

Play began with a lot of the usual.. pointing. Code for - someone (anyone) please fetch me exactly what I'm pointing at right. now.

Then you stepped away from the pushcart, threw off your top knot, giggled.....

And were off... WALKING!

 You found some ears (no joke you put them on your head yourself!)

 And took your "bubbas" for a walk

You plonked them out one by one. As you do. 

And  after that had a much needed break on the lounge.

Your belly started to grumble...

 So you stopped for a snack. Cheese.

And here you sit. Ten minutes later, proud as punch, and giggling so much you got the hiccups!

I believe that's ten minutes well spent little petal.
You can stop growing up now.

Till next time. 

Your mama

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Dear Maeve, 

10 months. 

I'm a bit late in getting this update written. Perhaps it's because a little someone has been busy growing a little tooth, and has therefore preferred the comfort of my hip and snuggling into my shoulder above anything else...

Admittingly, the extra cuddles have been lovely, but even more lovely is watching your relationship with Lola as it continues to blossom.

Best of all is the hearty laughter shared between you, the hand holding in the back seat, and the constant conversation, mainly coming from Lola's corner of course, but Maeve your ear to ear smile as she speaks says a thousand words!

You are a standing, crawling, clapping, chattering, making waves in the bath, bright ray of sunshine. A joy from the moment you rise to the moment we whisper our sweet dreams. 

Happy 10 (and a bit) months petal. 

Your mama

Monday, 4 August 2014

Dear Lola and Maeve,

We spent a long weekend by the river. The sun shone, yet the air was crisp. When the wind eased we ventured outside for a stroll along the river in search of wombat holes. Taking a rest by one of our favourite trees. We played in the garden, gathering natural treats for an afternoon of threading. We spent the early evening in the tree house, adorning it with lavender, old teapots & bells. There were cakes baking, a birthday celebration,  and more cake before a sleepy, sunny drive home. 

Smelling the wattle.. and perhaps tasting some too.

Walks by the river with my babies.

Tree elf

Peek a boo Maevie

Afternoon craft

What childhoods are made of...

Vest buddies.

Decorating the tree house


Opi's birthday lunch

Cuddles with Great Nan

A cake and a half

Till next time..

Your mama

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Dear Lola and Maeve,

The doors were flung open first thing in the morning. We couldn't decide on t-shirts or long sleeve shirts. We spent time by the water getting our toes wet, all the while wishing we'd packed swimmers so we could dive right in. We ate every meal outside, basking in the sun. 
With a little over a month till Spring, we can already feel it in the air.  

We spent Saturday afternoon in the yard. Watering cans in hand, chasing chooks, before settling down by the chiminea. We roasted apples, ate cheese, watched Lola dance, and Maeve's brave attempts to climb every wall in sight, and steal a taste of our wine.

It was a peaceful weekend. A real taste of the warmer, sunshine soaked days to come.

Your mama

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Dear Lola & Maeve,

I'm relishing the days spent with my almost four year old and almost one year old.

Lola you flutter about the house, always on tip toe, with a look of purpose & excitement spread across your peach cheeked face. Playing contently by yourself and begging I join in, in equal measure. You are so happy & helpful.

Maeve, you cruise around the place having perfected crawling. You pull yourself up onto everything, often forgetting yourself and releasing your grip to clap. You are so charming and curious.

Our days are wide and long, full of adventure outside the home and in. Each day has its wild moments, but for the most part they are just lovely.

Your mama