Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Dear Lola, 

You poor little peach. This week you have been struck down (literally) with your first 'real' flu/fever. It was your papas and my first experience with an unwell child, and I think we all did okay. You spent two nights in our bed, pushing papa out to sleep on the couch. You tossed, coughed and turned all night, even managing to find comfort by flipping from your back to your tummy. A move you have never performed before and may never again! You felt like fire and looked like you hadn't slept in days. A scary cough, a runny nose, and projectile vomiting up your milk & lentil patties also added to your  discomfort. 

However, amongst all the chaos there was a silver lining. You snuggled, cuddled and lent into me more than ever before. You now cuddle on cue and love being tickled and stroked. It is beyond lovely! 

5 days on and you have bounced back well. It may take a bit longer to kick the cough and dripping nose - but your smiles, laughter and energy is back and this makes us very happy. 

Stay well & happy my little one.

Your mama x

Creating a steam room to ease your congestion

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Dear Lola, 

A few etsy treats for you...

Your mama x
Dear Lola, 

Wow - what a whirlwind few weeks it has been in Lola-land. I wanted to jot a few of the tricks that you learnt down so that we don't forget when they occurred! 
On Monday 8th August papa took the day off to take care of you. I had awoken resembling a puffer fish from something I ate, and your papa decided he better stick around in case I got worse. Thankfully the swelling didn't frighten you and I was back to myself before lunch time, leaving the three of us time to laze around the house. As we sat playing on the rug you my dear stood up and took your first steps! It was a moment that involved wide eyes, cheering, clapping, stomping of feet, smiles and laughter. Your record is six whole big steps by yourself thus far, and you have spent the last week and a bit on your feet more than anything else. Your absolute fave thing is for us to hold both your hands and walk you around the house. Or more correctly, you lead us around the house! There have been a few falls, tears and extra cuddles, but considering you only found your walking legs less then two weeks ago, you're doing brilliantly.
Other tricks:
*Lola, you love turning the page at story time. The casual flick of your hand to turn a page melts my heart every time.
*You clap your hands perfectly when we sing "If your happy and you know it". 
*You point to your teddies and dolls nose when I ask where it is. 
*An oldie but a goodie is that you become very silent, look out the window and whisper when I ask you where the birds are.
* Today you sat, smiled and watched ABC for kids  on the telly longer than I have ever seen before. And seeming this is the first time you have watched tv, I just sat there glued to you as you sat there glued to a green dancing dinosaur!
*Even better was when I decided to indulge you with some more evening telly, you instantly turned away picked up a book and handed it to me to read to you! That's my 

Lola you continue to amaze us as each new day unfolds, and we just fall in love with you more and more (if at all possible) every single day. 

Your mama x

reading a bedtime story

Friday, 12 August 2011

Dear Lola, 

To your papa and my alarm you woke up last Sunday morning crying. Very different to the singing and sweet chatter that usually rouses us of a morning. As soon as I entered your room a strong smell of vinegar filled my lungs. You continued to cry when I picked you up out of bed, signalling that something was definitely up! Upon changing your nappy all was revealed. You are teething my little monkey and this has basically turned your pee into a skin eating acid! Oh dearie me, you poor little peach. 

The story ends well though, and as I gently cleaned and dried your red raw tosh, your sobs became softer, and then your frown turned into a big, bright smile as you spotted the birds breakfasting on our herbs! Even better was that your smile soon became a laugh as you giggled as you watched your crazy mama clapping and chasing away the birds from our dilapitated herbs. 

You now have three toothies. Two on the bottom and one on the top. I predict you have a few more (if not three) coming through! Considering this, you are doing very well you little trooper you!

However, this face of yours has made an appearance more than usual this week. Almost bringing a tear to my eye... closely followed by lots of cuddles and smothering kisses from me. 

Teething is no fun at all

Your mama x

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Dear Lola, 

This week you have been my little treasure hunting sidekick! We skipped through the second hand stores and came up with the goods. You enthusiastically approved of all purchases from the comfort of your stroller, a soggy milk arrowroot slowly dissolving in your hand as you gave smiles to anyone and anything that caught your eye. 

Here are the treasures we found...

Knitted beanie - 50 cents. Navy striped skirt overalls - two bucks. Lola eating her new leather shoes - priceless!
Checkered bloomers - 50 cents

Little leather boots (new) made in Italy - five bucks!

Ol' milk tin (perfect vase for big bunch of flowers or alternatively an umbrella holder) - three bucks
Funky water jug/carrier - (perfect for picnics) - three bucks

Doilies for craft -six bucks

 Your mama x

Dear Lola, 

I don't want  you reading back on these letters when you are old enough to want to and sit there thinking  - "gee mama where did you find the time to write all these wonderful & 'thoughtful' letters?" Yes it may be true that this letter writing is a nice creative outlet outside from being a full time mama, but there is still one rule I insist be obeyed while recording our days. Absolutely NO letter writing is to take place whilst you are awake. Simply put, I would much prefer to spend my time with you... sooooo we are both lucky that you happen to be a brilliant sleeper! 
At the moment you spend almost 16 hours of the day snoozing! Needless to say your awake time is precious, and we both happily agree it be spent in each others complete company. 

Your mama x

And no I won't be giving up our snoozing cuddles anyitme soon.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Dear Lola, 

You are fast asleep and instead of hanging out the washing, packing away yesterdays washing, unloading the dishwasher, brushing my hair, putting socks on my cold feet, I choose to sit here and write to you. 
I love you and I love writing, so why not combine the two and start writing you letters to record our sweet days together. It is a sunny winters day and you are 10 months and 8 days old.... and just at this very moment as I sit typing I hear you chatting away in your room – you have just woken up! 
This may not have been the longest first letter, but it is a start and it's been two long hours since I've kissed those cheeks of yours, so I will happily continue this later. I can already tell this is going to be fun!

Your mama x
lola & mama at the harbour