Monday, 26 August 2013

Dear Lola,


Chatting to you is one of my most favourite things. I love explaining things to you, and better still, when you explain things to me.
A memorable conversation was one in which we were discussing doctors giving needles.

Lola: I just close my eyes and imagine what I love. I imagine wild animals with wild teeth. I imagine I'm a dinosaur. Edie could imagine pears... she loves pears.

We were driving, and this made me pull over, reach back and tell you that you're a funny little peach, and that I love you very much. Only for you to respond. "well, I love you to the stars and clouds and rain and back."

I may or may not have turned back on to the road and sobbed just a little...

Your mama

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Dear Lola,

Bits and pieces from around the place.

Your obsession with Beatrix Potter characters is completely out of control. In a good way.

There's something a little bit special about winter light.

I hope you never stop wanting to paint with your hands.

Or your elbows for that matter...

Fish feeding time, with the sweetest little shoes all the way from Guatemala

Making a present for someone special

You sat here for a good half an hour counting pom poms & licking your lips.

 Happiest of birthdays dear oma.

Hey there.

Making dumplings... or dumpling aeroplanes as you like to call them.

Our weekdays as a duo have been just lovely. I feel so blessed to have lived almost three years of one on one time with you. And although it's becoming increasingly harder for you to sit on my lap, we still manage to sit on top of each other & snuggle together as much as possible.  Lately there have been sleepy, relaxed mornings spent reading in your bed, porridge for two, more stories & games, then out of the house for a morning of fun. Whatever it may be, the library, kinda gym, the gardens, meeting little friends, we are often home in time for a leisurely lunch and a long nap. Afternoons see craft, more stories, a venture into the bush, cooking, a few cartoons, a trip down to Oma's or over to Auntie Jules, then back in time to greet papa home. You and papa usually light the fire and head back to the bush for more exploring, coming in as the sun is disappearing.
I am all to aware that this daily rhythm of ours will soon change, as we add a third amigo to our weekday adventures. This may add a little (or a lot) more chaos to our days, but it will no doubt be welcome chaos. And I'm just hoping we both adjust & embrace it with an open mind and more laughs than tears ;) 
Let the adventures continue...

Your mama

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Dear Lola, 


Yep, construction has begun yet again over here in our lil' mountain home. As papa took to the dining room walls with a sledge hammer, you happily sat at the breakfast bar, munching your way through a pile of pancakes dosed in maple syrup & strawberries. Oh, and you wore these the whole time. I love how one side is squashing your cheek just at little more than the other.

Your mama

Friday, 16 August 2013


Dear Lola, 


Whilst decorating your oma's birthday wrap you announced -
"Oma is going to be shake with excitement when she sees this!"

When we play Peter Rabbit games, you always say to the fox -
"Cheerio Mr Tod,  no rabbit pie on the menu tonight!"

When you're in bed & you hear me sneaking down the hall you say - 
"If that's you mama, back to bed for you thankyou very much!"

Naturally, there is always lots of laughter around these parts.

Your mama

Monday, 12 August 2013

34 weeks

Dear Lola,

34 weeks

When there was talk of going camping with some wonderful friends mid August, we didn't have to sit on the idea for very long. We would also make this our baby moon, an all around child free chance to bask in a few days of serenity, good company, and to sleep beneath those sparkly stars.

It was just lovely. Perfect even.

There was an abundance of blooming wattle, sunshine & warmth, our quaint & comfortable home set amongst the trees, fishing, giggles, canoeing, and snagged lines by a stunning river. A somewhat freezing/refreshing dip with bub, a constant roaring fire & flowing conversation. A delicious curry & freshly made damper, mulled wine, marshmallows and enough chocolate, with some left over for breakfast the next day. A peaceful nights sleep, despite me having carried our baby for 34 weeks now, and a feeling of complete calm & peace as we slowly made our journey home.

And there was plenty of talk about our kids. We'll bring them next time for sure!

I'm 34 weeks & feeling fine.

6 weeks to go. I'm guessing a little less, but perhaps it's a little more. Whatever the case, we're ready. I can almost feel our fresh little baby in my arms.

Your mama

Monday, 5 August 2013

Dear Lola, 

I can't wait to see this again in less then 2 months time. 
A papa with his little babe.

If possible, I fell even more deeply in love with your papa the day you were born. Watching my beloved cradle the child we both created, brought on emotions never before experienced. Seeing his gentle hands protect you, comfort you & always hold you close, made my heart burst. You two instantly became inseparable. 
My heart still bursts everyday, and very soon, as we welcome another child, I can only imagine it will splinter into a million more pieces.

Not a few days goes by that you don't announce, "my papa is the best papa in the whole wide world", so it leaves me with no doubt that your heart is bursting alongside mine.

Your mama

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Craft 101

Dear Lola, 

With the birds singing loudly in the yard this morning, and as the sun made its way through the trees, you announced "Let's go see what all the fuss is about!"

With your interest growing, we made plans to make some bird feeders with things we had around the house.

You'll need:

Pine cones
Peanut butter

Going on a mission to find the pine cones in the bush was half the fun! This is such a simple activity that can be enjoyed with kiddos of all ages.

First, attach string to the pine cone by winding it around the top fronds until it’s secure. Tie a knot at the top to make a loop.

Next, spread peanut butter all over the the pine cone with a spoon or butter knife, or fingers (as preferred by you). Make sure you have a little extra peanut butter, as more can end up in ones mouth than on the pine cone itself!

And finally, roll the peanut butter pine cone in the birdseed, covering the whole thing. You may need to sprinkle it on some parts to get all the nooks and crannies covered.

Hang in the tree and wait for your little feathered friends to come & enjoy.

We made that many that the chickens were lucky enough to have one tossed at them, and then you asked to go door knocking to give the neighbours a little treat for their birds too.

A lovely little activity we will no doubt do again... possibly as soon as tomorrow, if you have your way.

Your mama

Friday, 2 August 2013

Dear Lola,

A colourless life is really quite beautiful from time to time.

Story time at omi & opi's.

Bedtime ritual - read 20 books on the potty.

Around our place.

 Sea of pillows + lola

You have the tiniest graze on your knee that must be protected at all times.

Sleepy eyes.

 I really love my laundry even though I spend very little time in there.

An uncle with his little.

Picasso before bed.

Strawberries are your favourite.

Your mama