Friday, 30 May 2014

Dear Maeve,

We've had 8 blissful months with you little possum pants!

This seems to be the month of trying...

You are constantly trying new foods. Thanks to your sister, camembert is a new favourite.
You are trying to pull yourself up onto all objects imaginable. Making my heart leap into my throat countless times throughout the day.
You are trying to crawl. Backwards is your preferred style, but as you proudly rock on your knees, it's only a matter of time till you are off. I'm not sure I'm ready.
You tried the slippery dip this month, and with Lola's arms wrapped tightly around your waist, we think you enjoyed it.
You are trying out all sorts of wonderful sounds and noises - lalala, dadada, mamama and a mixture of all the above keep us all entertained.
You tried out the big kid seat in the trolley whilst grocery shopping, and with Lola's arms around your shoulder the whole time, you were beaming.

You my dear, are an absolute sweet heart. 

A few photos of YOU from just today.

Maeve, our delightful little petal, we love you so!

Your mama

Monday, 26 May 2014

Dear Lola & Maeve, 

Would you believe we are a week out from Winter?? 

With our afternoon naps behind us, and the sun a few hours off from setting, we head to the water. 

Excited squeals. Bare feet meet the sand and wiggle with delight as they skim the water. The sea rises up to your ankles, your knees, your belly. And soon enough you are immersed deep in the rock pools. 
Laughing, jumping up, racing, exploring, before plonking yourself back into the cool water. 

The sun sets, you strip off, and get lost in a snugly towel. 

Autumn time at the beach.

Till next time. 

Your mama

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Dear Lola and Maeve,

It is Mothers Day. 
Yet in a lot of ways, today for me feels like any other day. 
Because as a mother I feel celebrated every single day. 
I feel uplifted and appreciated and cared for every single day. 
I feel loved and needed every single day. 

Breakfast in bed, hand-picked flowers, soaks in a bubbly bath tub, lovely drawings and notes, are not saved just for this day.
Special musical performances and dances performed by you Lola, are a part of the every day.
Contributing equally to our home and to raising our children is completely and wholeheartedly shared.

What a privilege it is to be your mama. What a blessing and joy it is to be your mama. 
What a messy, fun, chaotic, tiring, utterly incredible journey we are on together. 
With your insanely amazing papa by my side and you two in our arms, there is no greater blessing.

 Happy, happy mothers day to all you wonderful mothers. May you all be celebrated & uplifted not just today, but every day. 

Your mama

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Dear Maeve,

Each month brings its own delights and adventures, but I have to say I think 7 months takes the cake! 

Your seventh month has been huge little one.

You boarded your very first plane, for a trip to Adelaide to spend Easter with the family. You are a sensational traveller. We're pretty certain you didn't get upset once. Even on our journey home when we got caught up in Sydney traffic for a couple of hours, when I myself felt like crying, you just happily amused yourself in the back. And when we did finally get home, you flapped your arms like crazy & giggled till you got the hiccups, thrilled to be back in your own bed. You leave us shaking our heads in awe an awful lot.

You join us for every meal these days. You just LOVE food. But not so much when people have food and you don't. You mainly feed yourself, scrambled eggs, avocado sandwiches, cucumber, apple, pear, banana, pumpkin. You name it, you'll grab it with two fists and shovel it in. You even helped yourself to my spicy sausage roll with home-made relish. I had to hide it from you in the end.

The smiles we get when you first wake up, are the brightest and biggest, and your anticipation to see Lola after sleep time is outrageously adorable. You strain your neck so hard to see around the corner to where she is, bursting at the seams for her to catch your eye and smile back.

I could go on. And on and on about how lovely you are. Just a happy, content, care free spirit, who loves a cuddle, going for walks, your sister, your papa, and just about everything & anything. We are very blessed. 

Your mama