Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Dear Lola, 

We discovered the little girl in you this morning. 

We found it when we packed away a basket of your baby toys and replaced it with your new updated Lola - space!

It then appeared again when you begged to wear your gumboots, stomped around the house with glee and then refused to take them off to go to the beach.

Oh and we can also put your hair in a back pony tail, which is the third piece of evidence to suggest that our sweet baby has been replaced with a sweet little girl. 

Your mama

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Dear Lola,

Your Omi is one very creative soul. I think your Papa inherited her creative spirit.

Last year it was a wooden reindeer.

This year a Christmas tree.

1. Fetch suitable sticks to construct tree

 2. Line up sticks and fetch more sticks

 3. Re-arrange sticks in order of length.

 4. Raid Opi's garage for wire and wire cutters.

 5. Twist wire around each branch to join - being careful not to slice open fingers!

 6. Check progress from birds eye view

 7. Test wire strength half way through to avoid any future disappointment

 8. Request the help of mama, who kindly obliges.

 9. Pray that the wire will hold!

 10. Rejoice & stand proud in the fact that it stays in one piece.


 11. Find a branch strong enough to hold the tree (with assistance of Omi & her rainbow ladder)

 12. Marvel at the finished product

13. Go Christmas shopping & leave you & Omi to decorate tree

Your mama

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Dear Lola,

We have unintentionally discovered another small Christmas tradition in our family.

Tis’ the making of eggnog!

I can safely say our obsession with eggnog was inspired by this scene from one of our all time favourite Christmas movies - 'National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation', where Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase) and Cousin Eddie (Randy Quaid) drink eggnog from glass moose mugs.

This is our fourth Christmas spent perfecting this creamy-licious drink & I think Papa has found a spot on blend.

Makes 1.5 litres

6 eggs
1 cup sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 tsp nutmeg
3/4 cup brandy
1/2 cup Jamaican rum
2 cups whipping cream
2 cups milk


- Beat eggs for 2-3 minutes until very frothy.
- Gradually beat in sugar, vanilla  & nutmeg.
- Stir in brandy, rum, milk & cream.
- Pour into jug for serving.
- Best served ice cold. 

*Give eggnog a quick stick blend before serving with a sprinkle of nutmeg

Papa usually takes the reins on this one, and I supervise & taste, which some (me) would say is the hardest job of them all. 

2009 eggnog trial

And as for you, well this is your second year joining in on our tradition. We think you spent last year snoozing, but this year you were of much more use, as you handed over crucial ingredients, ate watermelon & watched on with eager eyes.

And what  better way to enjoy eggnog than in the yard under the Christmas tree with the ones you love.

Your mama

Monday, 12 December 2011

Dear Lola,

Sunday 10th December 12:30pm –  Arrive home from New Zealand.

Sunday 10th December 7:00pm –

*Baby is sleeping (that’s you!)

*Christmas tree is being constructed & decorated by candlelight

*Carols are playing & being sung

*Nutcrackers, nativity scene & various other folk are dusted off & set upon shelves

*Papa’s special 'Christmas berry & marjoram spritzer' are being consumed & enjoyed

Yep, we sure love Christmas around these parts... 

Now that we’re home we are looking forward to a solid few weeks of celebrating everything Christmassy!

Your mama

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Dear Lola,

Luckily for you Lola your Omi reminded mama & papa that it was Nikolaustag today.  Last night we left your shoe outside on the front porch for St. Nikolaus to visit and fill with treats. Although you didn’t have a boot to shine and leave out front, you had a purple sandal that we thought would do the job just fine.

Oh the joy when you woke up this morning to discover that St. Nikolaus had left a packet of sultanas and a strawberry hidden in your sandal.  If you had been unhelpful and impolite during the year a tree branch or bunch of twigs would be left in your shoe. Hmmm, I don't think you would have minded the twigs…

Your papa would also get a visit from St. Nikolaus each year as a child and we think it’s a lovely tradition to continue with you each year. And judging by the trail of sultanas from the front door and your strawberry kissed lips, we think you do too!

Your mama

Dear Lola,

Holiday Challenge Number Two – Waitomo Caves

We booked a tour of the Waitomo Caves today.  The tour included 30 minutes exploring the magnificent underground caves plus a 15 minute boat ride through a glow worm cave.

“Is your child okay being in pitch black darkness?”

“Yes” – Your papa and I and answer is sync unison, looking at each other with raised eyebrows and a nod. All the while thinking, have you ever even been in pitch black darkness? Let alone pitch black darkness on a boat!

It was only when we entered the caves through a small hole in the wall that a little wave of doubt washed over me.
No,  no, it’s all good, I reassured myself, after all you were in the carrier on my back and you love being in there. It’s like you’re giving me one big, long hug, and we all know how much you love hugs!

Then our somewhat serious, “I’ve given this tour a thousand times” tour guide announced to the group that we must be very quiet in the caves, and when we get to the boat ride we must be completely silent or else the glow worms will get frightened and won’t glow. In the terror of the moment I swear I heard him say that any slight sound would see them drop dead straight onto our heads!


We had a few things going for us.
1.You had just had a nice morning sleep, therefore were in the ideal mood.
2. We were equipped with one packet of sultanas that papa had casually thrown in my bag prior to leaving.
3. We had your dummy – although you have slowly begun the weaning process and often the dummy is handed back to us when popped in your mouth. That is, if you’re not in the car, tired or in bed.

So the outcome… 

One happy baby that was perhaps more amazed at the underground wonderland of limestone than most of the others on our tour. Content, happy, quiet. Although the quiet part never mattered, because let’s face it, you’re little and that pretty much gives you a free pass to be as loud as you wish to be.  

And as for the boat ride, well you were the one shushing others for talking! Actually there was a lot of shushing going on, luckily none of it whatsoever was aimed at you. We made use of the sultanas, the dummy was politely handed back to us, and you my little one shone brighter than those glow worms.  

Papa & I exited the caves proud as punch!

We weren’t allowed to take photos inside the caves, but we got a few as we were leaving the glow worm cave. On exiting through the gift shop we were presented with a photo package, where the photo that was taken of us prior to entering the caves was superimposed in front of dramatic limestone formations.  Holding back laughter we declined the purchase of this package and opted to just have the memories of our time in a cave with our very well behaved baby… that was until we tried to put you back in the car. Ah well, no ones perfect :)

Entering the dark glow worm cave

You can chat now Lola!

Daylight! Exiting the cave

Your mama x

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Dear Lola,

We consider you to be one very smart cookie. 

You know you only have one papa, and while exercising his name regularly – it has ALWAYS been aimed at him. Your papa that is.

That is until this guy was presented to you…

Aragon (Strider) from LOTR - also looks a little like Jesus here...

Mama – “Lola, who is this?”
Lola – “PAPA!!”

After asking you this several more times later on the answer was still a very definitive and strong “Papa!"

Hmmm – maybe you're not as clued in as we thought you were, but hey, at least your real Papa doesn’t seem to mind so much.

Your mama