Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Dear Lola, 

It has been both heart warming & hilarious watching you take on caring for your two big chicks birdie & beaka. This last week you have really taken an extra interest in their well being, and each morning I can find you doing this... (with absolutely no hesitation or coaching from me whatsoever.)

1. Round em' up & play chasies on your trike.

 2. Have a chat about all sorts of worldly things.

3. More exercise & chasing

4. You spot yucky chick poop & race to grab the broom - "like papa told me to!"

5. Prepare feed for the chicks


6. "Come and get it chicks!"

7. Apparently mixing it up with a leaf is "cooking it"

8. See! It's easy peasy! 

And your final words "I think my tiger shoes will roar at them now - ROAARR!"

I'm loving every bit about this 25 month old you.

Your mama

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Dear Lola, 

It was my birthday yesterday & I turned 28! Why not celebrate with 28 photos from my big day...

Opening gifts after a lovely sleep in

First stop - Kiama markets. 
Lola meets the locals. "Goats are funny & just a little bit scary!"

My two


Waiting very patiently

After 1/2 hour wait, looking through a booklet of butterflies, fairies & ladybugs, Lola announces she wants to be a "green snake please!"

Enjoying brunch by the water

Exploring with papa


Second stop - Back home
For a bit of relaxing

Checking out my new Jamie book - Marty "Yeah - we can nail that in 15 minutes!"

Beautiful jars from my family, flowers from my dad, twine from my marty

He knows me too well

Garden clogs. I haven't taken them off since they arrived! 

Third stop: Oktoberfest!
Lola gets involved, but is too blown away & mesmerised by the music & dancing!

Yep - the music sure is loud!

Us - really, you were having fun!

Especially when pancakes magically landed on your lap!

 Back to the music and dancing!

 Oh and the rocket ride was a huge hit

As was the pretzel! lucky little peach

Mamas favourite - Sound Of Music medley!

More entertainment, we didn't want to leave...

Fourth stop - Party time at mum & dads.
Way to make a girl feel loved..


Family of 3

Edie girl

Cake time is our favourite time - thanks to my mama for the most delicious cake!

And that's not even the half of it - very, very loved. Very.

For today I am grateful, a little teary, mostly smiley & blessed.
Birthdays sure are fun. Till next year...

Your mama

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Dear Lola, 

As of yesterday you.... 

 ...are in a big bed. Well technically, it's just your cot with one side taken off, but nonetheless, this is big!

Here's to many nights of sweet dreaming little one.

Your mama 

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Dear Lola, 

A few bits & pieces from the last few weeks. Lately we have been:
Busy in the garden, planting all sorts of herbs, some tomato plants, cucumber plants & off cuts papa finds.
Busy at the playground & the Botanic Gardens, where one can find you searching for water dragons, scarecrows, looking for a duck you call Romeo or in the sandpit, at least three mornings each week.
Busy staring at Edie & willing her to smile (which isn't hard, that baby loves to smile!)
Busy chasing two growing chickens around the yard & getting them used to their new coop papa put together.
Busy working out holiday plans for the early new year.
Busy planning arrangements for two very special weddings coming up.
Busy doing endless puzzles, reading countless books, painting, sticking, taping, drawing, threading & twirling.
oh and busy flying kites & dressing up as dinosaurs.

going on a dino hunt

thanks for my gifts adelaide jamesons.

my milk baby

omi & opi got me a drill set

afternoon tea with squirrel

happy 1st birthday walty

tee pees & papa are the best

off to the pool with my dinosaurs in tow

kite flying & chasing go hand in hand

Your mama