Sunday, 27 May 2012

Dear Lola,

I feel like I have a bazillion ideas for our home floating around in my head. Walking into any one room conjures up images & ideas that I have for every nook, cranny & crevice we own. Lucky for us Papa is the biggest go getter I know, has his own brilliant ideas brewing & gets to work acting upon them in record timing. He has a pinterest account and I don't. Enough said.

This past week we have added a few special touches to your room.

Papa had some awesome ideas of what to do with a beautiful piece of birch that fell down in the recent winds.

A shelf was made.

And a coat rack.

A huge black board was mounted in your room to your squeals of delight.

And as if that wasn't enough for one afternoon, as I was getting you up from your nap, Papa was busy in the shed whipping you up a pencil stand. Ready for you to use before you had time to say "Draw please!".

 Oh and the small space in between your chester drawers and the wall has officially become "Fort Lola', thanks to a rack handle and a table cloth we picked up at an op shop in New Zealand. I always thought it would come to good use.

Time for a rest, but not before we draw & play hide and seek. One guess where I'll find you hiding!
Your mama

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Dear Lola,

I spot a lone paper towel sitting on the window sill in the kitchen. Instinctually, I pick it up and throw it in the bin.

Little did I know that your papa would be sifting through the bin to find it later that day, because it wasn’t just any old paper towel. It was a paper towel that held his lemon seeds. Several lemon seeds that had been plucked straight from last nights lemon wedge,  lovingly soaked in a jar of water,  before having been placed on the window sill to dry, prior to being planted in the hope that a lemon tree will grow.

These things are not out of the ordinary. They are just him.

And we wouldn't change a thing.

 Your mama

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Dear Lola, 

You chat all day long. I love it. So when it goes quiet in the house, I naturally assume you are;
a) not in the house, or 
b) up to something you may not want me to know about. 
To your credit, it's rarely the latter.

The other day, quietness fell upon the house and as I searched for you, I heard a quiet conversation coming from your room. "Nigh-night Lola" was whispered in a high pitched voice.

I stuck my head in to find you here... or rather I found your dangling legs here...

Snug as a bug in my precious dolls bed that my Opa made for me as a little girl. It's yours now, and I think you're rather happy about it!

So now we have to create a new category, when quiet in the house you could be 
c) up to something really cute & lovely.

Your mama

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Dear Lola,

“I ‘ll meet you in the kitchen Lola-girl!”, I announce all of the sudden as we casually lie in lounge room, and no sooner are you on your feet and scampering down the hallway, past your bedroom, through the sitting room & into the kitchen. As I leisurely take the alternate route through the sun room, I turn to find you already there holding your belly & laughing so hard that you’re almost horizontal on the ground.

Yes you beat me there, and yes you can have some milk, or yoghurt or strawberries or whatever else it is you would like. You’re just too cute to say no to anyhow. I make myself a strong coffee.

Our kitchen can be described very simply. It’s small in size, but has a BIG view. I have actually & honestly fallen in love with this space. I can make a coffee or fix you breakfast in record time, as my arms need only reach out length ways for me to get to anything. 
The cupboards are at my level, our pantry food fits nice & neatly into two cupboards, the drawers are lined with awesome vintage contact, the daisies on the splash back make me smile, and there is minimal bench space making it easy to keep tidy. But best of all by far is that I can watch you frolicking in the yard through the windows while I make myself that coffee I was talking about.

There is talk of altering a few things, maybe even knocking out a wall to create more space, but I like it just the way it is for now. Although, I do have my eye on some black and white check flooring, which may just eventuate in the short term thanks to the small floor space that won’t break the budget to change! See everyone wins with this lovely little kitchen.  

Your mama x

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Dear Lola, 

"Maaaiiiilllll!" I hear you yell as you bolt toward the front door. We sit patiently on the driveway in the sun as the mailman (and yes he is a man) is still a few streets away from reaching us. Papa says you have the ears of an elephant - I think he is right!
You don't mind waiting though, as you yell some more - "come ere pup!" to the friendly neighbourhood watch dog that roams the street in his red check coat, or "kids come ere" to the cute children across the street who play peek a boo with you from their front window. 
Matter of fact, no bird, plane, car, man, lady, mower, blower, whipper snipper or creature of any shape, form or size gets by without you announcing it proudly. You get it right most of the time... with that exception of last week when an older gentleman was walking right past us, and you announced loudly - "lady walking!"

Lucky for us the mailman saved the day and zoomed right in and handed us some packages. 

An early mothers day present for me for all those winter nights ahead.

And some adorable little second hand sandals for you...

And yes you will be wearing them over tights & knee high socks. We are German after all. 
Collecting the mail sure is fun!

Your mama