Thursday, 31 October 2013

Dear Lola,

We are getting into a nice little rhythm around here. 

You both rise at 8am, and we share toast, cereal, scrambled eggs & last nights dreams around the breakfast bar. 

We play, get dressed and farewell papa.

I put Maeve down for a sleep, and we do morning craft. 

We usually head out for a few hours when Maeve wakes. 

Home in time for lunch and naps. (Lunch for me involves juggling making a sandwich whilst settling Maeve in my arms, something I'm getting slightly more efficient at)

Throw in a couple more feeds, a few tears, lots of rocking & plenty of laughter, and just like that it's 3:30pm. At which time you'll find me glancing up at the clock every five minutes, in excited anticipation for papa to arrive home shortly after 4:30.

Other days we'll head out again after your nap, but lately Lola, you have been preferring to stay in and just relax & play with Maeve. By play I mean sing, dance, read and rock her to sleep. You are such a big help.

Our rhythm will no doubt change as you both grow, but I'm loving & cherishing the now, and not wishing it away for one second. Okay, well maybe that time between 3:30 and 4:30 could go a little faster, but who's complaining! 

Average morning scene at our place

You are meant to be sleeping & I'm meant to be eating lunch.

Writing a shopping list

You two are inseparable at home.

Morning craft while Maeve sleeps.

One guess who you are staring up at. Yep, your big sister.

Your mama

Monday, 28 October 2013

Dear Lola, 

You absolutely positutely love all things Christmas. You remind me  every so often that your middle name Noelle, means 'Christmas'. And despite my efforts to store your Christmas books in an unreachable drawer, you manage to find them, and just beam as you lose yourself in the pages. 

So when you asked nicely (begged nicely) to do some Christmas craft, I glanced over at the calender which read October 19th, and then back at your pleading eyes. The pleading eyes won this time around, and we got busy. 

It was your clever idea to make some reindeer food. You thought it would be a good idea to bottle it up and sprinkle your creation on our driveway Christmas Eve, in the hope that reindeer would sniff it out and stop at our place. Genius! 

What we used & your reasoning for including it:

Chocolate and rainbow sprinkles - for a special treat.
Green & orange split peas - because they look tasty, and we figured the reindeer needed something healthy in there to go with the sprinkles. 
Blue, pink & gold glitter - to help the reindeer fly.
Coloured feathers - for Santa to tickle the reindeer with in case they got sleepy.
Little bells & pom poms - to be hung around reindeer's neck.
Pine Cones - to brush their teeth with.

You bottled all the ingredients up in a jar.

You were beside yourself with happiness, and the jar has taken pride of place on your shelf in your room, where it will sit for a few months until we sprinkle it (into a bucket!) and leave it out for those cheeky reindeer. 

The most wonderful time of the year has started a bit early over here, but I secretly couldn't be happier.  

Your mama

Friday, 25 October 2013

Dear Lola & Maeve,

Maeve, you are four weeks old. 
You love falling asleep in our arms.
You love being in the sling. 
You love car trips, as long as the engine is roaring.
You love smiling, & you make the most adorable cooing sounds when you catch our eyes.

You don't like when I put you down in your basket, especially if you haven't yet fallen into a deep sleep.
You don't like being overtired at the end of the day, when the milk's not flowing fast enough... but who does!?

Lola, your obsession with Beatrix Potter characters has lessened of late, however it's been replaced with Jango. Over the last few days you will only answer to the name Jango. Jango being the accordion playing circus act performer, from the cartoon 'Toby's Travelling Circus'. Papa is more often than not Toby, and Maeve and I are the paying customers who come & watch you perform. Never a dull moment.

A few photos from the past week.

Kicking about on your village blanket from Mockingbird Street

Busy with Christmas craft. Yep, it's started. 

Little birthday celebrations for little old me. 

Settling you in the fresh air is always a winner.

Tummy time!

Yep, shows over! 

Bath time is a happy time. 

Tending to the chooks & garden.

In your pjs.

Papa, wishing he had an extra hand to trim the hedge. 

Looking forward to the week ahead!

Your mama

Monday, 21 October 2013

Dear Lola, 

I'm that person who...

rocks her foot on the brake pedal when stopped at traffic lights, in a mad attempt to keep baby asleep in the back seat.

I'm that person who...

whilst waiting for her groceries to be scanned, sways her hips from side to side, even though my arms are baby free. Swaying, always swaying.

I'm that person who...

checks both shoulders for spit up before leaving the house, but often forgets to check my back. That milk sure can travel. 

I'm that person who...

can hear a baby crying, even if that baby lives a block and a half away.

I'm that person who...

can now breastfeed, whilst flipping pancakes and co-ordinating a craft activity with a three year old.

I'm that person who...

counts her blessings every single day and stares at her children with constant adoration & swelling eyes. 

Your mama

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Dear Lola & Maeve, 

You two girls have been miraculously napping at the same time over the past three weeks. Maybe you both know that your mama is just getting the hang of this whole two kids deal, and you're being extra considerate. Well, thank you very much for your consideration, and please know that I'm not taking it for granted, as I'm all to aware that this little synchronised pattern you have going could end at any moment.

In the meantime,  I leave the tidying up, and turn my back on the laundry basket full of clothes. Instead, I read, walk in the garden, potter on the computer, and pick up the camera and take a few shots of things around the place that make me smile.

Here are a few of those things.

I never thought I'd love camomile tea SO very much.

Still life on the coffee table.

Papa rescued yet another chair from the nature strip.

Camomile flowers.

Papa's drying quarters.

Sweetest gift for Maeve, lovingly made by my cousin Ella.

Little shoes that will go big places.

Your mama

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Dear Lola,

I really do want to see the year through with this 52 week photo project I started. Even if I am a little behind.




Dear Lola, 

If you are reading these letters I have written to you over the years, you must be at an age I can't even fathom you being. Maybe you're twelve years old, or eighteen. Or maybe you are a young lady with children of your own. Whatever age you may be, I want you to know how proud I am of your three year old self. You have embraced being a sister to your Maevie girl with your whole heart, and have made my own heart smile & burst from the moment you first lay eyes on her. 
How blessed is your Maeve to have you as her side kick, comforter and best friend. And how blessed I am to be your mama.

I love you peachy, more than all the custard and socks in the world.

Your mama

Monday, 14 October 2013

Dear Lola and Maeve,

Maeve, we spent half of your second week by the river staying with your Omi & Opi.

Highlights for you were a growth spurt, which saw you feed around the clock for a couple of days. A trip into town to meet your Great Nan. A walk to Bangalee Reserve swaddled in your papas arms, where we sat by the river and watched your sister dance on the jetty.

Lola, as always you were thrilled to pieces.

Highlights for  you were two river swims, banana pancakes for breakfast, making marmorkuchen (marble cake) with Omi. Jetty dancing, pretending it was Easter & colouring boiled eggs, dancing to Elvis Presley, and Walts super second birthday party.

We'll let the photos do the talking, there sure are plenty of them!

In the door 5 minutes & already making anzac biscuits.

Papa the super hair styler.

Walking back from another river adventure.

This family sure loves pancakes!

Sharing secrets.

Morning stories.

Riverside walk.

Afternoon tea.

Lola hitches a ride with Maeve.

Adventure walk to Bangalee Reserve.

Clothing was optional.

Maeve's first time by the river - 11 days old.

Jetty dancing - always with two feet off the ground.

Waking up amongst the flowers.

This babe loves to cuddle.

My girls.

Your mama