Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Dear Lola, 


I love when papa does your hair before he heads off to work of a morning.

 Your mama
Dear Lola, 


Sometimes when I look at you all I see is your papa. Other times I catch glimpses of me. In this photo however, I see you. Only you.

*A photo taken in the bathroom, with the warm heater light, steam from mama forgetting to turn the fan on... & those eyes of yours, willing me to just jump in the bath already. 

Your mama

32 weeks

Dear Lola, 

32 weeks.

The Sweet:

- The (above) weekend getaway.
- A morning spent running around the animal park.
- Rock picnics for four.
- Leisurely Berry lunch date & a wander with papa.
- Eating three large pieces of the nicest lime pie I ever did taste.
- Feeling kicks & wiggles & jiggles all day long.
- Daydreaming about the end of September when we get to meet you..
- A new kitchen & an enthusiastic chef (papa)
- Little hiccups coming from my belly. 
- Small pleasures not to be taken for granted:
*such as sitting in the sun reading while you nap.
*living the nappy free life.
*long undisturbed night sleeps.

The Sour:

- Big kicks to my ribs & bladder all day long.
- Bending down too quickly & squashing baby in the process.
- I have the appetite of a teenage boy - eating constantly while you nap. For three hours straight!
- Strong, somewhat uncomfortable braxton hicks contractions that seem to occur at unfortunate times. Such as half way down a monster slippery slide.

Still 8 weeks of growing to go little one. Or should I say only 8 weeks of growing to go? Either way, we really can't wait to welcome you into our family.

Your mama


Thursday, 25 July 2013

happy snaps!

Dear Lola, 

Mama - "Would you like to go to the botanic gardens this morning?"
Lola - "I have a good idea, how about we stay home and just go to the bush. Is that a good idea?"

And so that's what we did. For two whole hours. 
At your request, we shared the camera. You snapped away happily, without a care in the world. Not needing to look through the viewfinder, just pointing & shooting as if you had done it a hundred times before.

I think you captured our morning and all we saw just beautifully. Neither of us captured the huge stag we spotted, but to our credit, he did run away pretty quickly. Plus we were too mesmerised to even think of the camera.

Although, I do believe your images beat mine hands down!

Lola's Photos: (well at least some of them - there were quite a few)

Mama's Photos:

Seeming you had the nature part covered, I focused a little more on you.

You didn't want to head home. I believe your words were "let's just stay here on the log in the sun". Plus, you had your heart set on finding all of your most favourite friends from Peter Rabbit. You did tell me on the way home, very matter a factly, that you definitely heard squirrel Nutkin in the tree. Well thank goodness for that.

Your mama

Sunday, 21 July 2013


Dear Lola,

A handful (or two) of the things that made me smile last week.

Watch out, Papa's back in the kitchen! Yummiest laksa I ever did taste.

You made this fresh pasta sauce with very little assistance from me.

Bird watching in the yard.

Kitchen love.

 Listening out for deer.

30 weeks & you fit just perfectly above my bump.

Stripy cousin love.

Pink gardenia flowering for you.

 Afternoon tea.

Each Monday over breakfast we talk about things we would like to do during the week. It's a lovely time, with sticky porridge fingers, cups of warm tea and milk, & the morning light creeping over the mountain. We sit & chat.

Some of the things on your list included:

- Going to the botanic gardens to look for scarecrows.
- Make a library for your (stuffed) friends.
- Go to kinda gym & jump on the mats.
- Make muffins, the blueberry ones.
- Go to the library.
- Play bingo.
- Collect kindling (papa may or may not have whispered that one in your ear)
- Search for Mr Tod and  Tommy Brock in the bush (to say you're obsessed with Peter Rabbit at the moment is an understatement!)

This also got me thinking of some things I'd like to achieve:

- Pull out your newborn clothes that are neatly tucked away. (sort out the unisex stuff & see what we still need)
- Continue work on your surprise birthday fairy garden. (It's coming together quite nicely)
- Tidy the basement. (my nesting need has led me to this!)
- Make this and this. (I'm craving artichokes at the moment)
- Get thinking about a super special birthday present for an almost 1 year old Edie girl.

Sounds as though it may be a busy little week. I think blueberry muffins sound like a good place to start.

Your mama

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Dear Lola, 

We haven't entered an op shop for well over a month now. 
I just figured as we were donating so much during our winter clean out, that there was no point going treasure hunting, only to rummage through our own stuff.
Truth be told, I was also a little bit scared I might be tempted to buy some of it back!

Anyway, I digress. We entered the op shop today, and surprise surprise didn't come out empty handed.

Papa missed out this time, but as you ever so rightly said "you can share the blanket with him mama." I sure can my little considerate one.

Your mama
Dear Lola,

A new kitchen to play in.

Phew, it's finished... well almost. We'll keep shuffling bits of furniture that aren't fixed around no doubt. I have my eye on some big bulbs that can be hung & strung around the room off the ceiling hooks. We'll keep our eyes on the nature strip for the perfect island stools, perhaps we'll do a feature wall of mix matched tiles above the entryway into the dining room. And when we were last at Wharf Road Restaurant we saw a great idea where they suspended an old wooden ladder above the island bar to hang pots & wine glasses... but we're grateful & enjoying the space, because it's in, and finished, and bright & light, a pleasure to be in, and oh so easy to clean. And best of all this space allows us to work & be together as a family in perfect harmony, without bumping toshies and getting pinned up against the wall! Win, win! 

Your mama