Saturday, 9 August 2014

Dear Maeve, 

10 months. 

I'm a bit late in getting this update written. Perhaps it's because a little someone has been busy growing a little tooth, and has therefore preferred the comfort of my hip and snuggling into my shoulder above anything else...

Admittingly, the extra cuddles have been lovely, but even more lovely is watching your relationship with Lola as it continues to blossom.

Best of all is the hearty laughter shared between you, the hand holding in the back seat, and the constant conversation, mainly coming from Lola's corner of course, but Maeve your ear to ear smile as she speaks says a thousand words!

You are a standing, crawling, clapping, chattering, making waves in the bath, bright ray of sunshine. A joy from the moment you rise to the moment we whisper our sweet dreams. 

Happy 10 (and a bit) months petal. 

Your mama

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