Saturday, 17 March 2012

Dear Lola, 

This photo leaves a lump in my throat. Just a normal, regular family gathering.

Happy Birthday Papa

Your mama

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Dear Lola,

When March 15th rolls around each year, we have BIG reason to celebrate. For it was on this day 27 years ago that an adorable babe breathed his first breath of air, & in doing so begun his journey to find us.

 It’s no wonder then that there's a heavy sense of excitement in the air, swirling up emotion and feelings of thankfulness, love, happiness & peace.

Presents, hot tea, lots of cuddles & kisses, a little bit of sunshine, family, take-away, singing & a cake, should do the trick in making Papa feel that extra bit special today. 

Opening presents is a seriously fun business.

Ritual staircase farewell of a morning.

Presents from us. Cushion, gardening shears, painted bowls, Jurassic Park Ultimate Trilogy on blu-ray, champagne, skateboard print, coat hooks, birdhouse, bookmark...

Most of this year's gifts were surprises. A few of my favourites were... this cool print by ashleypercival to remind Papa of his skating roots.
This screen printed & hand painted tea-towel

Which we made into a cushion for our room.

The cushion was one of your favourites too!

This cheeky wicked witch bookmark, which was on Papa's wishlist.

 A birdhouse that you have adopted as your new dolls house.

 And... our biggest surprise for your Papa. I wanted something for our new home that Papa could look at and be reminded of his 27th year & just how much we love him. 

That's when this antique mantle piece walked into our lives... only a few weeks back.

And the labour of love began...
First job was to remove that lovely peach coloured paint (all three layers of it), to restore it back to wood. At which time I learnt that paint stripper can be your best friend & your worst enemy. The stuff works like magic to eat up the paint, but hurts like a wasp sting when it makes contact with your skin!

Second job - remove a majority of the paint with a chisel. This tedious task was made easier by the help of Oma & your little ol' self!

 Third job - sand, sand & sand. Then sand some more.

With limited time & no feeling left in my hands, we didn't quite end up finishing the job... But we got real close & should have it complete by the time we move in. Especially now that our secret has been revealed to Papa, we're pretty sure he'll want to have a go at the sanding. 

Wowee, all this excitement and we haven't even had Papa's party yet! 
Here's to another year overflowing with adventure.

Your mama

Monday, 12 March 2012

Dear Lola, 

You are quite the conversationalist. Therefore, during our afternoon tea parties we have been discussing the fact that we are moving to another home very soon.
The conversation usually goes something like this.

"Lola, did you know we have been packing all these boxes because we are moving to our new house very soon?"

At this point you usually offer me - "more tea?"

"Yes. Thank you Lola!" - "And did you know you will have a big garden to run around in?"

"Bickie please" - you say.

"And you can help papa in the garden & spot all the lizards relaxing in the sun!" - I say excitedly. 

To which you respond "more tea please!"

"Certainly! Yes, more tea for me too please."

We cheers and slurp our tea & I think to myself, good chat baby girl. But just when I start to believe we are making headway, I find you here. 

It seems you have some idea that we are moving, but you may still be a bit clueless as to the correct address...

Your mama

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Dear Lola, 

Papa & Grandpa spent the afternoon in our garden. We may not have the keys yet, but the garden sure is getting a lot of love. 

We discovered a few hidden treasures today...

An old Lola sized chair in the shed

Mr Blue Tongue catching some rays

A cool garden lamp.
A bowerbirds nest!

And we discovered you like collecting grass clippings!

Oh look at my treasure!

Your mama

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Dear Lola, 

Our home away from home...

Things that were enjoyed...

Kisses With Great Grandpa
Seashells Minus the Sea
Cloudy Apple Cider
Puddle Stomping with Omi
Japanese Mineral Bath
Sushi Party
Bath Time is Fun Time
Funny Rain Hats
Knitted Finger Puppets
"Come Here" Parrot
Gumboot Dreams

Clearly we had a wonderful time. 

Your mama