Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Dear Lola,

You may have figured out by now that we are hopefully, sort of, perhaps, we just have to wait on a few more people, fingers crossed... may. be. moving. house.

But don't you worry because rest assured you & your room are coming along too, which has got me seriously thinking of what I'd like to change in your room. I LOVE change... not big, life-altering change, just little change, like re-decorating rooms & moving furniture about.

Your room is currently bursting with colour & action, predominately bold, punch you out colours. Entering your room reminds me of lifting up a heavy, dusty circus tent flap to find the whole circus, plus one cheeky monkey inside.

I'm hoping to create a somewhat more delicate space, introducing more vintage fabrics, but still keeping within that fun, happy, sunny days, bohemian feel.

This little reading nook/tent caught my eye, and I'm hoping to replicate it, with Papas help of course!

the A-frame tent tutorial

Drawn pattern for reference:
a-frame pattern
Materials for the A-frame:
4- 1'' x 2'' x 48'' whitewood moulding
1- 3/4'' x 48'' poplar dowel
drill with a 3/4'' spade bit
measuring tape
pencil (marker)
(I was going to use the twine to make sure the mouldings stayed in place, but I no longer needed to because the hole already had such a tight grip on the dowel).
the A-frame tent tutorial
1. From the top of each of the 4 mouldings, measure and mark 6'' down with your pencil.
the A-frame tent tutorial
2. With your drill and 3/4'' spade bit, drill a hole at your mark. Try to center the hole on your moulding.
the A-frame tent tutorial
the A-frame tent tutorial
3. Place 2 mouldings on top of each other, make sure the holes are lined up.
the A-frame tent tutorial
4. Push dowel through the holes of the two mouldings. The hole should have a pretty tight grip and keep the dowel in place.
the A-frame tent tutorial
5. Repeat step 4 and put together the other side with the two remaining mouldings.
the A-frame tent tutorial
Materials for tent cover:
- fabric large enough to cover frame (approx. 46'' x 85.5'' un-hemmed; 44'' x 83.5'' hemmed)
- coordinating thread
- elastic
- scissors
the A-frame tent tutorial
1. Hem the perimeter of the rectangular fabric using a straight stitch with a 1/2'' hem. Desired size of the cover is 44'' x 83.5''.
the A-frame tent tutorial
2. Cut 4- 5'' inch elastic strips.
the A-frame tent tutorial
3. Fold elastic over and pin in place at each corner of the tent cover.
the A-frame tent tutorial
4. Sew elastic onto the corner of the tent cover. Repeat with the remaining 3 corners.
the A-frame tent tutorial
the A-frame tent tutorial
5. Drape cover over the A-frame and loop elastic to the bottom of wooden tent leg.
the A-frame tent tutorial
6. Arrange and straighten fabric cover. Then, spread frame to desired height and width of tent opening. Call your kids over and enjoy!!!
the A-frame tent tutorial
This tent can easily be taken apart and stored, since there are no screws or nails involved. In addition, the tent cover is easy enough to recreate in different patterns.
I'll be sure to let you know how we come along! Plus stay tuned for more crazy ideas mama has up her sleeve.
Your mama

Friday, 27 January 2012

Dear Lola, 

Australia Day through the eyes of Lola...

A sea of people blocking my way to the playground!
Giant gingerbread making my tummy grumble
Grandpa trying to keep me from being squashed by the crowd.
Uncle Jimmy swimming & running up a steep hill while we scream at him & clap.
Being put in a pen with a bunch of little ducklings that I must be gentle with.
Being sleepy & hoping I don't have to wear this hat to bed.
Spilling bubble juice all over my pretty dress... & losing my hair elastic.
Picking flowers for my mama.
Hoping my hand is still attached when I pull it from Bells mouth.
Dreaming about fireworks that I missed out on because I was snoozing!

Your mama

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Dear Lola, 

A few snaps from the past week.

Cheeky lil' dimples; Sewing mission; Bbq at mum & dad's while they holiday; Perfect spot for afternoon tea; Post nap snuggles with Auntie Jules, Corn muncher; Morning milk & stretch; Dollhouse pooped; Spaceman gets squished; A ma & her babe xx

Your mama

Monday, 23 January 2012

Dear Lola, 

We had a mission to complete today. It would involve a trip to Spotlight, a date with the sewing machine, a chase through Bunnings, and some muscle power. 

I love these two bookshelves, but dislike that they display all our bits and bots, creating a rather cluttered & dust collecting mess. 

Our aim was to make some mini curtains to cover one section of shelving. 
Easy? Piece of cake! 

Although to be completely honest here, let's re-cap on the obstacles that affected our overall performance on this mission -

* Those tormenting & unreachable orange balloons at Spotlight - which if we had successfully reached, (we didn't) it would have possibly saved the ringing in my ears. 
* Your hour and a half nap (instead of your usual three hours)
* You emptying out a shelf of bolts at Bunnings and then running away, leaving a trail of bolts for me to trip over. 
* The massive blister on my finger, achieved when screwing the first hook in by hand.

Despite these  few dramas we are both happy with the final result, and may even make some more... but we'll save that for another day... that's not tomorrow or the next day after that.

 Your mama

Friday, 20 January 2012

Dear Lola,

I just wanted to let you know that I don’t take for granted the abundant amount of fruit & veg  you happily consume on an hourly or so basis!

When you’re on the verge of tears if I don’t wash & de-stalk your strawberries fast enough, I’m secretly excited. When you’re dripping from chin to feet in watermelon juice, I happily change you into a new dress.  When your lunch consists of several herbs you picked from our garden, mixed into a bowl of cous cous, I think gosh you’re a cheap kid to feed. When you bite into a cucumber (cumber) that has just been picked from Grandpas garden, I laugh. When you literally graze on the rocket in our garden, that’s right no hands, just mouth to rocket, Papa laughs! When you eat blueberries like it’s your last supper, I cringe when thinking of your next nappy change...

You get the picture.You are our veggie munching monster and we hope this delightful monster sticks around for good.

Oh no, I've been spotted!

Catch me if you can!

Your mama

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Dear Lola, 

I found this sweet idea on pinterest. I would like to create one for you every time that special time of year rolls by where we sing happy birthday to you & eat yummy cake.

Then when you're old enough and think it may no longer be as cool an idea as I do, I will have it made into a little book for you (or just a little book for little old me to cry over!).

Your mama

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Dear Lola, 

A huge milestone was accomplished today, which I might add took significant courage on my part. As for you, well you were cool, calm, collected & raring to go as usual.

This is how it played out - 

10:00am - I hover around the door to the church creche with you in my arms. I peer into a space where tons of children sort lego, roll out play dough, rollie pollie and fall over each other as they chase a blue ball.

Papa gently leads us toward the door, and we are no sooner in this sea of children, when you spot the giant lego blocks & wiggle out of my arms and toddle off without a second glance. 

For a while I sit back and observe you from a distance, as you hold your lego piece, pass it to a boy about the same size next to you, and then turn and hug the girl standing by your side.

10:15am - I leave you sitting at the play-doh table, & as I'm pushing the door to leave you turn around and wave ta ta. 
Yep - cue moment that mama almost loses it. 

10:30am - I sit in church, finding it a little difficult to concentrate on the words being spoken, as images of you falling off the chair I left you sitting in at the playdoh table run rapidly through my mind. 

11:15am -Hand in hand your Papa and I walk (rather briskly) toward the creche to collect you. And there you are dear Lola, hair in your eyes, marching through the kids, blue ball in hand, looking right at home, and most probably for someone to hug!

Lucky for us we are greeted with that hug, and I then proceed to kiss your head only a million and one times.

It was a big achievement for a little peach such as yourself... And yes we were told that you did indeed fall off that chair when I left, only to get straight back up again and soldier on. That's our girl! 

Your mama

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Dear Lola,

This precious little flustered face & stance of yours tells me that it’s hot, that a beautiful summer is upon us, and that we must go eat some watermelon, or go find some water to swim & cool off in.

My hope for you is that in years to come you can feel the warm breeze in your hair, watch the pink evening sky as it sets, wipe the watermelon juice from your chin, twirl around in a pretty sun dress, and for just a moment through some familiar sound, taste, smell, sight or touch, remember & be transported back to the first few summers we shared.

Summer seems to overflow with many familiar happenings. For us my love, some of these include -

Floppy hats & flower cozzies.

Swimming at the beach with Auntie Jules.

Naked frolic’s on the balcony & blowing bubbles.

 Sticky cuddles from mama.


Watering cans full of cold water for splashing.

Shoulder rides from papa.

Summer holidays & cuddles from cousin Calvin.

Not to mention devouring watermelon, blueberries, picnics under the shade of a tree in the garden, river adventures, long naps, swinging, sliding, sandcastles, sprinklers, ice-cream.. and the list goes on.

And when Summer has come and gone for another year, and all that lingers is the sand in our shoes & the collected shells on our window ledge, we will only have to look down at the hand we are holding to see our own little ray of sunshine is right there to keep us smiling till the next time that Summer comes around.

Your mama