Monday, 27 May 2013

Dear Lola,

Some keepers from last week. 
A rainy, somewhat snotty, tea drinking, cardigan wearing, snuggle under our blankets sort of week.

Homemade berry & yoghurt pops, gobbled up in front of the fire on a freezing day.

My birthday magnolia & colourful pansies make me happy.

Stair strike. Some days you just prefer to be in my arms.

I love watching you eat, and rarely capture it. I think you caught me out.

Not quite enough for a relish, but getting there slowly.

I believe it was too cold not be wearing shoes or a cardy. You believed otherwise.

 You lay on the lounge watching the rain. Asking every now and again if we could play on the slippery dip yet.

You dressed up and impersonated papa for most of Wednesday morning.

It rained a fair bit, hence a lot of painting took place. Always followed closely by a 9am bath.

You have a love affair with pockets, and carrying your little treasures in them.

Always pruning.

There was no way of leaving you out of cleaning & mending the chicken laying quarters.

Over the next few weeks half our house will resemble a construction site, as walls are ripped out, walls are put in, flooring is laid, painting is done, and as we welcome plumbers, electricians & builders, all in preparation for our new kitchen to be put in. 
Being in peak nesting mode, all this mess is bound to overwhelm, but I can only turn my overwhelmed mind to the finished product. And I'm pretty certain it will all be worth it!

Your mama

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Dear Lola,


Impersonations are your thing at the moment. You quietly tip toe into our bedroom in the morning, adorned in papa's tie & hat, no longer answering to Lola, but only to Papa.  We always knew having kiddos would be fun, but I don't think we could have anticipated the uncontrollable laughter that is shared every single day between the three of us.

Your mama

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Dear Lola, 

The story of last Sunday morning.

We awoke early on Sunday, ate our porridge, brushed our teeth & got all dressed up in record time
Stockings, bloomers, singlet, dress, pretty dancing shoes, spotty bow - check! 

We marvelled at Edie as she giggled, smiled & oohed and ahhed throughout her baptism.

At the little celebration afterward, you and Edie enjoyed some lovely cuddles with your Uncle Lukey.

Naturally, we wanted to capture you both on this special day, and at first you were patient & obliging.

But slowly & understandably so, the smiles wore thin as your minds wandered onto more important things such as cake and milk.

This was the last photo captured before we let you loose on the cake & milk. Your expressions say it all.

We enjoyed a delicious morning tea in beautiful surrounds.

And watched as a mama & her littlie embraced each other & the sunshine.

Daddy also got some cuddles.

You happily amused yourself with books, dancing & climbing about.

Oh and strawberries.

Despite only having had a little nap that morning, Edie was her happy & adorable self.

Uncle Lukey made Edie laugh again...

And the two Godparents and Edie stretched out on the lawn.

We are just a little bit smitten with this little one.

The boys amused the girls.

There was a quick yoghurt break with Uncle Marty.

And I was just a bit thrilled at every chance I got to cuddle Edie girl.

What a beautiful morning it was.

Your mama

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Dear Lola, 

As the days grow colder & we rely on our fireplace to warm us up -
We have a new morning ritual -
Kindling wood collecting in our extended backyard -
Apparently it's "heavy work" and "is going to make papa so happy." -
This morning, we heard a rustling in the bush, explored a little further and spotted a deer -
Hand in hand we stood very still, until the deer finally broke its gaze and ran away -
You weren't at all scared, but I may have been just a little -
It was huge, despite you referring to it as "just a baby."

 If the rain holds off, we hope to head back for more later this afternoon.

Your mama

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Dear Lola, 


On Sunday we had big reason to celebrate. Your beautiful cousin Edie was baptised, and it was such a joyous & special morning. Which brings us to this photo, courtesy of your Auntie Jules. Here you sit, completely & utterly over the photo taking process, instead dreaming of the strawberry shortcake that you have had your eye on since arriving at the delightful little party held in honour of our Edie. (Luckily for you, the aforementioned strawberry shortcake was in your little belly shortly after this photo was taken.)

Your mama

Thursday, 16 May 2013

 Dear Lola, 

Life it seems is back to normal. Big sigh of relief all around. I have enough energy to chase you around kindygym, enough strength to move a bookcase down the hall and into your new room, and enough stamina to potter busily around the house during your naptime. And just enough time to share some photos snapped over the last few weeks.

there are always beautiful flowers to admire at our place, picked by my very own papa.

 a crisp afternoon spent barefoot & covered in chalk dust.

 the chicken quarters spied through our jungle, designed and hand built by some very special & talented men in our lives.

every night a bath party takes place, and every night we dry little pruned hands & feet

a warmer autumn day, a purple frock & enough glue to keep you happy.

a sneak peek into a room that's coming together slowly but surely.

cinos and carrot & cinnamon cupcakes in the morning sun, because we can.

your coats pressed and ready for blustery days.

a sweet treat for staying still for mama.

Your mama