Sunday, 29 April 2012

Dear Lola, 

There were tea parties on the water tank while a sleeping babe lay dreaming.

There was apricot and lime tea.

There was some serious reading time shared between a papa and his little one.

There were cuddles with dear friends.

There was an angelic mama.

There was enough wood to keep us warm.

There was morning dress ups and story time with Omi.

There were two roasts, a vegetable soup, homemade meatloaf, cheesecake cupcakes, hot cocoa, a sunshine filled baby shower, afternoon tea in Berry & some dancing. 
What a truly beautiful Autumn weekend it was.

Your mama

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Dear Lola,

Your curls dance when you run.
Your skin is like that of a peach.
You give big kisses & the longest cuddles.
You ask for music everyday & then spin & fall into a laughing heap.
You gently care with gentle hands that stroke your mama’s face.
You love ice-cream, but worry until everyone else has got one, before enjoying your own.
You call me your ‘angel girl’ and smile when we catch eyes.
You hand me sewing pins and watch patiently as I create.
You say 'blast off!' at every opportunity.
You put rubbish in the bin without being asked.
You declare Ít’s cuppa tea time’ at just the right moments.
You say grubs are yuck.
And you ask to feed the food that misses your mouth to the birds.
You have lovely manners.
When you meet someone you don’t know, you rub your eyes and put your head to your toes.
You love your family so much you could burst, and sing their names all day long.
You are an extraordinary little soul.
And I still pinch myself that it’s me who gets to run to you when I hear you call mama.
Oh and I get to see this beautiful smile each and every day…

Your mama

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Dear Lola, 

It was nice spending a majority of the weekend just lazing about our home.

A home in which it seemed that everywhere I turned I saw GREEN, with bold splashes of colour mixed in for good measure. Green, among other things is said to be nature's colour and to be restful, soothing, cheerful, and health-giving.

Green could very well be my new favourite colour. And yes Lola, we all know yours is purple. We need only ask you to be (very loudly) reminded.

Pretty flowers from a welcome visitor (thanks Liz)

Cuttings fit for a windowsill

'Bird Flower' as you call it. Freshly plucked from our garden.

Mealtimes with a view
Papa working on an outdoor dining area. First step: Plant lavender & rosemary hedge - tick!

Feeling as though I'm outside even when I'm in.  

Your mama

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Dear Lola, 

Nothing quite beats the sight of freshly made & hung curtains. 

Well maybe Papa fixing the bbq is an exception...

We have been happily pottering around our home. You have been a busy little bee mowing the lawn (thanks to the mower you got from Oma & Grandpa as an Easter treat), and keeping an eye out for bush turkey's. 

I'm armed and not afraid to use it!

 Three trips to Spotlight saw us limp away with four awesome rugs (thanks to a cool 70% discount). And with this cold snap upon us, our feet are relishing in the woolly goodness underfoot.  

But amid the chill of Autumn we give thanks that the sun continues to shine.... and as long as that sun is shining, we will continue to throw open the doors and welcome it in.

Here's to a sunny Autumn my smiley sunshine kid. 

Your mama

Monday, 9 April 2012

Dear Lola, 

We just experienced a four day Easter festival that will be remembered for the family gatherings, sunshine, songs of praise, the chocolate overload & endless laughter. We packed a lot into our time together and enjoyed every moment. Some of these enjoyed moments included....                                                                                                                                                                                                         
A Good Friday picnic at Mount Keira with the family.

Making an Easter tree.

Decorating eggs with Oma.

An Easter egg hunt.

Visiting Opa & gathering with family for chasing & games.

As we head into Tuesday we feel a sense of spiritual renewal & a lingering stomach ache, which can only possibly be resolved by consuming more Easter eggs... it makes sense that your two new favourite words are "chocolate please!"

Your mama

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Dear Lola,

You may have noticed that we now live amongst the trees, where the deer roam free and the bush turkeys greet us in the morning. Where there is silent hush, a cheeky bower bird, and enough room for you to spin around without me having to create a human barrier around you. We are home and couldn’t be peachier. You’re soaking up all the extra space & quickly finding your way around the place. With the exception of that time when I asked you to get your shoes from your room & you raced into the bathroom, threw your hands on your head and a big “Oh no!” echoed down the hallway. To your credit though, you have already found the fastest route to the kitchen & know where to put your dirty clothes.

I am loving finding a new home for all our treasures and I'm praising the basement/gargage, which acts as a holding bay for all our boxes, leaving a clean slate upstairs where only the most precious treasures and essentials see the light of day.  Everything feels fresh & pretty.

With this system in place there is still a sense of chaos that comes with any big move, but there is always some beauty to be found amongst the chaos...

Celebratory Champagne

Rose from my papa 

Lunch time al fresco

Pretty things

Flattenin' boxes

Reading nook

Winter here we come!  

Your mama

*For the record we have ripped up the carpet in the hallway, your room, the ‘sitting’ room & study. We then tore all the wallpaper off the walls in these rooms, steamed off the paper underneath, filled in the holes, sanded, undercoated, painted (two coats)and had the floors polished. All of which could not have been accomplished without the help of some very special family members. You know who you are... and if you don’t just look at your hands to see whether they're blistered, paint stained or splinterfied.