Thursday, 21 November 2013

Dear Maeve,

You are fast approaching 8 weeks old. 
8 weeks! Really?!

Lola mostly calls you Maevie (pronounced may-vee). 
Papa mostly calls you possum. 
I mostly call you petal.

- Apparently tummy time isn't exciting enough, so you have taught yourself to roll over onto your back to get a better view of things. We all thought this was pretty clever of you, and cheered very loudly.
- Your first trip to Ikea, although we're not sure you'll remember it, as you slept the entire time.
-You broke your doctors heart, as you smiled at him just moments before he jabbed you with your first round of immunisations. I've never seen a smile turn upside down so quickly.

- Sleeping in the car & pram. Your basket will also do, as long as you have your dummy to drift off with.
- Sleep ins. Lets pray this continues! You and your sister miraculously rise at around the same time, and it's well after the suns risen thank you very much. Your sister crawls into bed with us and greets you with cuddles, kisses and "well isn't it just a beautiful day!" - which is spoken within an inch of your face, and in a rather high pitched squeal.
-Smiling & chatting to anyone who comes within eye view. 

-Belly wind that can make you squirmish & teary. Nothing a cuddle and leg bicycle can't fix.

An overload of photos from this week.

Little Mae Mae

Watching Play-School.... upside down.

Tummy time concentration.

Hello there.

We have a feeling those baby blue eyes might stick around.

Oh the faces that keep us laughing!

Just hanging around.

In love with my mobile (thanks Jasper).

These two.

 In the garden.

Your mama

Monday, 18 November 2013

Dear Lola,



Yesterday you asked if we are ever going to give Maeve a brother or a sister too. I said that she already has a sister in you. You said, yes you knew that, but that Maeve would probably like someone little to look after and take care of too - "because I just love looking after my baby Maevie."

Okay Lola, we'll see what we can do. 

Your mama

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Dear Lola,

Having a new baby in our lives, means ourselves & others often refer to you as the 'big' girl. 
Maeve's age is measured in weeks at the moment. When the heck did yours begin to be measured in years!  

But when I was sorting through our mountain of photos just recently, I looked at your beautiful existence in months. And  there have only been 36 of them.
Truth be told, I'll always see you as my baby girl.
Especially when I can look at a mere seven photos, taken at six month intervals.

0 months

6 months

12 months

18 months

24 months

30 months

36 months

Gosh you bring a smile to my face, my peach, my baby girl, my walking heart.

Your mama

Monday, 11 November 2013

10 things

Dear Lola and Maeve, 

10 things that make me smile.

You have become a pro at helping yourself to afternoon tea.

2 # 
Craft time & your 'googly eyed santa'

Your fascination with the sound that the camera makes.

Your face.

Your face.

Warm Spring days spent in cute little dresses.
 (thank you auntie anne)

The way you look at your papa.

These three together.

9 & 10# 
When I make a bird sound you usually smile.... apparently not today.

Your mama

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Dear Lola, 

It's 7:30pm. 

You and papa just left to attend your first ever music concert.

No, it's not The Wiggles. It's not a Play School concert. 

You're going to see Steve Smyth perform.

You absolutely love his music.

You were so excited you could have burst. 

You packed popcorn, a beanie, your duck umbrella and a cardigan.

I think this will be the first of many concerts you and your papa go to together.

Your mama

Monday, 4 November 2013

Dear Lola, 



Lola out for lunch at the  Bondi pop up restaurant.

When ordering

Papa : "Lola what do you feel like for lunch?"
Lola: "I'll order off the menu thanks, I'm sure there's something delicious on there." (looks at menu with a serious gaze)

When lunch arrives

Waitress: "Enjoy guys."
Lola: "Oh we will. May I eat with my hands?"

When we are finished

Lola: "I'll take my plate to the lady"
Papa: "Lola, you don't have to, they will come and get it for us."
Lola: "No papa, it's the very leastest I can do."

You leave us in stitches peachface 

Your mama 

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Dear Lola, 

When you wake up on a bright & sunny Saturday morning and papa suggests we hit the road and head into the heart of Bondi to check out the 'Sculpture by the Sea' exhibition, my immediate response was "Sure, let's go, quick pack our bags, Maeve is due for her morning nap... like now!" Within half an hour we were on the road.

I didn't think about the fact that we would be travelling in the car for two hours with a 5 week old & a 3 year old. And then another two hours back home. I didn't think about the traffic jams, the non-existent parking, the 30 degree forecast heat, or the dozens of stairs that would face us as we ventured on the sculpture walk with two prams. 

But you know what? We didn't need to let these minor details worry or consume us, as us Jameson's love a good adventure, in all circumstances. And truth be told, it was a brilliant day, and everything fell into place just perfectly. (Someone sure was looking out for us, big time!)

Maeve, you are so relaxed. You slept the entire car trip, quenched your thirst as you pleased, gazed about the open sky from the comfort of your pram, and slept peacefully.

Lola, you munched on Maccas hotcakes, played eye spy, and requested Elvis Presley, Cloud Control, David Bowie & The Beatles from the back seat. You were so excited to see the sculptures, making countless predictions about what lay ahead of us. And you weren't at all disappointed as you darted ahead pointing out the impressive art, and climbing steep stairs like a champ. (We left your stroller at the start of the walk, and papa & I carried Maeve up the stairs in her pram.)

What a fun day out. We'll let the photos do the talking, 

say 'sculpture'!

Till next time Sydney...

Your mama