Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Dear Lola, 

When pregnant with you, I had already read you three books, knitted a blanket, sewn little dresses & embellished many a singlet and tiny pants. Your room was complete, and an inviting place to sit & think about your arrival and the days that would follow. A baby book had already been scribbled in, and your precious name was spoke of often.

Naturally, with this littlie things are a bit different. I may have only read half a book, sewn a few things, and half finished the nursery, but each is done with just as much heart, care & love as the first time around. Maybe with even a little more heart, seeming our precious time is slightly more limited these days.

Yet despite living amongst a construction zone, and chasing & seeing to a fun loving toddler (that's you Lola), there will always be some of that precious time set aside for you littlie.

a rainy afternoon, a sleeping lola & two cups of tea = this to hang in your room.

Collecting & gathering little things.

I finally found the perfect baby book.

 And I made you this my littlest love - inspired by an image I found on pinterest, & being surrounded by an endless supply of pretty wood.

  Your presence sure is felt in a big way these days.

 Your mama

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Dear Lola,


You are always coming out with something new. Your latest catch phrases, which you manage to sneak into conversation at any opportunity are:
"That's good as new!"
"No need to panic" and, 
"That'll do the job" - which you said to the tile shop assistant who was helping us pick out tiles just today.

You sure make us laugh an awful lot.

Your mama

Monday, 17 June 2013

Dear Lola,

Our place is a muddled up mixture of chaos and calm at the moment.

Chaos is found in relocating & designing a new kitchen, and calm is felt in all other small areas not covered in dust!

It really is an interesting balance, one that has seen both laughter & tears. And sometimes both at the same time.

Here is a little sneak peek into the chaos - (so that we don't go forgetting anytime soon, just how "fun" renovating is!)

cleaning out the old kitchen before the wall is knocked out.

 goodbye wall - hello new dining/living area (that is, once the rest of the old kitchen is gone!)

part of the old kitchen ready to be ripped out.. bit sad really.

a peek into where the new kitchen will be located.

galley kitchen to built around the natural elements of the sun room = are we nuts, this is crazy... but we think it will pay off...

 kitchen stuff stacked and stored at every turn.

You said "It looks like we live in a shop.... can I sell everything pleassssse?"

Makeshift shelving for the essentials

electricians been

patchy old kitchen floor, needing some decisions made.

Despite the general disorganisation, extra layer of dust on everything, inability to find the veggie peeler, dinner picnics on the floor, dangling wires hanging from the ceilings, & living with half a kitchen.. it really is all very exciting, & we are very grateful that it will be completed well before baby arrives home.

Thankfully, I can still find solitude & peace in the little pieces of calm that are sprinkled around the place.

calm is found in my love of a good pillow.. and now we have an insane amount of them leftover from the bench seating in the sun room.

see... pillow heaven!

calm is found in a bowl full of blankets.

 and fresh greenery.

and white currant quince candles

and of course the sun that graces our yard in the late afternoon.

Your mama

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Dear Lola, 

My need to nest & organise landed me in front of the computer today.

Task #1 - clean up our overcrowded desktop.

= get distracted, and happily stumble upon some black & white photos of you, which I had pretty much forgotten about.

* time out in all its glory
* vintage osh kosh 
* brushing toothipegs x 2
* free
* serious
* silly
* flower child
* dress ups
* smiley

I haven't clicked over to the old black & white setting in a while. But I reckon these few snaps have given me some extra inspiration to do so more often.

Your mama

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Dear Lola, 

25 weeks

The last month or so of carrying this littlie has been bliss. No more fatigue, sore muscles, night waking or viruses. If it weren't for my growing belly & the lovely strong kicks to my ribs, bladder & everywhere in between, I may just have to admit to brief moments where I forget I'm carrying baby at all.

The Sweet:

- Long restful nights of deep sleep.
- Weekends away staying with family.
- A toilet trained & adorable undie wearing you - (it took 3 days, I knew we waited for a reason!)
- An always thoughtful husband.
- Growing closer to my wonderful team of midwives.
- Appreciating that little bit more every long cuddle, made up game & story we share together Lola.
- Organising spaces, de-cluttering & recycling.
- Witnessing a new kitchen evolve, & spending long relaxing days with my mum as it does.
- Winter comforts - the fire, wool blankets, burning candles, evening baths, green tea with lemon, soups, long socks & oversized knit jumpers for keeping my growing belly warm.

The Sour:

- Feeling a bit puffed when trying to keep up with you, my little running bear.
- Making prompt & big decisions on everything kitchen - who would have thought there would be so many!
-  Boys names still have us a little stumped, but we're working on it.

Weeeeeeeee, 15 weeks to go, and we can hardly wait to meet you little one.

Your mama

Monday, 10 June 2013

Dear Lola, 

We all bundled into the car Friday afternoon, and hit the road to spend our long weekend here.

I feel an instant sense of calm & peace as we pull into the winding driveway, and see your beloved Omi & Opi, and of course that river.

During our stay, there is always a unique balance found between wasting no time at all and relaxing. There is a constant supply of warm drinks, good conversation, inspiring food, classical music, baking, bush walks & plenty of exploring & laughs.

Add to that Jaspers sensational 1st birthday party, and a sneaky mama & papa lunch date at the delicious Wharf Road, and I may have just shed a tear as we drove off.

morning stories

Jasper is ONE! 1,2,3 make a wish.

 Going rabbit huntin'

Papa's kitchen hand

Baked stuffed apples for dessert

Fresh orange juice for brekky

You were a juicing machine!


Making anzac biscuits is a must.

So is jumping on Papa!

Part of Papa's watertank garden

 This way to the river little papa!

Contemplating the wombat hole

Picking bush lemons

Spotting wombats beats eating biscuits... just!

Till next time...

Your mama