Friday, 27 December 2013

Dear Maeve, 

You are 3 months today little Maevie girl. 

You are such a pleasure to be around.
Some people want to poke you to make sure you are real, as you tend to be calm almost all of the time. 
You give us countless smiles everyday and love your sisters company.
You love being held out, so you can look at the big wide world.
You love the car, and seeming we spent a fair amount of time in it over the holiday season, this is a good thing.
We enjoyed a very relaxed first Christmas with you.
You had a few tummy aches over this time, we think due to yummy food over indulgences on my behalf, but as soon as they passed you were happy & smiling again.
And seeming you really don't cry very often, when you do, it can be pretty heartbreaking...

Speaking of hearts, you have the sweetest little one, and we are so happy you're ours.

Your mama

Monday, 16 December 2013

Dear Lola, 

Lola, you get to spend time with your beautiful cousin Edie pretty much every single day.
Instead of having a cousin type relationship with her, your relationship is more like that of sisters. 

And just like sisters -
You take toys off Edie.
Edie protests when you try and hold her hand.
You don't like Edie interrupting your 'big' girl games.
Edie squirms when you try to cuddle her, which in turn makes you cuddle her even harder. Hmmm.


You both smile at each other like no one else exists.
You swap books and toys regularly.
When playing, Edie is Cottontail & you are Peter Rabbit.
You feed Edie, and she opens her mouth with wide enthusiasm.
You laugh together on the trampoline. 
You explore together.
You're growing up together, side by side.

Lola, you expect to see her everyday and get sad when you don't.
Edie, the name 'Lola' was the second word you ever spoke.

And these two precious photos, courteous of Jules...

Needless to say, it's a pretty special thing you two have going on. A friendship & bond that will last forever & always...
Just like your two mamas have.

Your mama

Friday, 13 December 2013

Dear Lola & Maeve, 

Tonight is my first night home alone solo-parenting with you two goofballs!

First of all, things must be going alright if I have time to sit down and write this post to you both.

Secondly, boy oh boy, have the text messages I send your papa changed over the years. 
I have to share what I wrote to him earlier tonight...

"All going smoothly so far. Maeve is beyond brilliant and just did a big poop. Lola is tired but ate two big pieces of flat head!  Not having mum up, surely I can do this on my own. Wish me luck! Enjoy your night, have a drink for me! Love, love"

Yep, things have changed... in a big, messy, fun sort of a way.

And, best of all, it's only 7:30pm and you're both fast asleep in bed (for now at least!).

Thanks for giving your mama an easy time girls.

Your mama

Monday, 9 December 2013

Dear Lola & Maeve, 

Maeve, today you woke earlier than usual from your morning nap. You were yawning & still had sleepy eyes, and I was totally indecisive about weather I should try and rock you back to sleep, or just unzip the sleep sack and let you free! 
Lola, you chirped up and said "I'll take care of her, she wants me to!"
So with that said,  Maeve was released into your awaiting arms. 

Although there were extra yawns coming from your corner Maeve, Lola, you did such a fantastic & impressive job of keeping Maeve happy & smiling the entire time, bringing her pretty much right up to her midday nap. 

There were songs, stories, cuddles & a very proud mama... who actually even got to hang out the washing!

(the middle photo was from this morning - the other two pretty much sum up life around here most days)

Your mama
Dear Lola & Maeve, 

"I don't want to go home." - I believe were your words as we were packing up to return home after our weekend spent by the river. 

A few photos to remember a lovely time.

watching the cricket

evening walks to check the bird feed

still focused on the cricket

counting shells

loves a good soak in the sink

river gazing

finger painting rocks

staying up past your bedtime

...and loving it

 goodbye cuddles

 Your mama


Sunday, 8 December 2013

Dear Lola, 


Peachy cheeks

 Looking all grown up, yet still so young.

Eyes on the river

You have mastered the art of playing with your beloved farm house, and acting out stories with the characters all by yourself! The key words being "by yourself!"

Today I overheard this conversation held between the pig and Farmer Jo. To put it into context, the Farmer was standing in front of the pig pen door.

Pig: Excuse me Farmer Jo, would you be kind enough to move out of the way.
Farmer: Why do I have to move out of the way?
Pig: Because I need to go into my home and pack my bags to go on a holiday to Nazareth.
Farmer: Okay, is this far enough out of the way?
Pig: Yes, that's perfect thank you. 
Farmer: Have a great time in Nazareth.
Pig: Yes, I will! I'm going to visit the baby Jesus.

The reason I near memerised the conversation, is because you had the same one with about five of the animals and Farmer Jo!

And with regular talk of the Christmas story around our place, it's only natural that your two favourite holiday destinations have become Nazareth & Bethlehem. 

Your mama

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Dear Lola & Maeve, 

As we race into December & toward the end of the year, life around here is pretty wonderful.

Maeve - when Lola is in the room you follow her with your eyes, and kick with extra enthusiasm when she comes close. Dare I say you have even managed to settle nicely into your own routine! Three solid naps a day, with about an hour or so awake time either side of them. You sleep well and sleep anywhere, be it in the sling, pram, car, basket, or in our arms. It's not uncommon for us to be carrying you around, with you looking outward as we chat to you and show you things, only for us to realise that you have quietly fallen fast asleep.

Lola - when at home you can usually be found by Maeves side. You lie as close as you can to her, and tell her everything. If you are doing a puzzle, reading a story, or playing with your toys, you do it right by her side, always involving Maeve in some way. This morning we found Maeve in her bouncer covered in puzzle pieces. You explained that she was handing them to you, and doing a great job at it. 

Morning tummy time.

Christmas baking begins.

 Chats with papa.

Cuddles beneath the tree. 

And under the play mat.

Tired eyes.

Favourite time of the day.

 I'm THIS big.

Your mama

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Dear Maeve,

You are fast approaching 8 weeks old. 
8 weeks! Really?!

Lola mostly calls you Maevie (pronounced may-vee). 
Papa mostly calls you possum. 
I mostly call you petal.

- Apparently tummy time isn't exciting enough, so you have taught yourself to roll over onto your back to get a better view of things. We all thought this was pretty clever of you, and cheered very loudly.
- Your first trip to Ikea, although we're not sure you'll remember it, as you slept the entire time.
-You broke your doctors heart, as you smiled at him just moments before he jabbed you with your first round of immunisations. I've never seen a smile turn upside down so quickly.

- Sleeping in the car & pram. Your basket will also do, as long as you have your dummy to drift off with.
- Sleep ins. Lets pray this continues! You and your sister miraculously rise at around the same time, and it's well after the suns risen thank you very much. Your sister crawls into bed with us and greets you with cuddles, kisses and "well isn't it just a beautiful day!" - which is spoken within an inch of your face, and in a rather high pitched squeal.
-Smiling & chatting to anyone who comes within eye view. 

-Belly wind that can make you squirmish & teary. Nothing a cuddle and leg bicycle can't fix.

An overload of photos from this week.

Little Mae Mae

Watching Play-School.... upside down.

Tummy time concentration.

Hello there.

We have a feeling those baby blue eyes might stick around.

Oh the faces that keep us laughing!

Just hanging around.

In love with my mobile (thanks Jasper).

These two.

 In the garden.

Your mama

Monday, 18 November 2013

Dear Lola,



Yesterday you asked if we are ever going to give Maeve a brother or a sister too. I said that she already has a sister in you. You said, yes you knew that, but that Maeve would probably like someone little to look after and take care of too - "because I just love looking after my baby Maevie."

Okay Lola, we'll see what we can do. 

Your mama