Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Letter I wrote to you October 2010

1 month

“A little ray of sunshine has come into the world, a little ray of sunshine in the shape of a girl…”

Dear Lola,

We whisper, welcome to the world precious one.

You reach up and grab my nose, hold papas fingers and in an instant steal our hearts. In your first week you sleep and sleep and sleep some more, whilst we watch you in absolute awe, mouths dropped open, eyes not blinking in case we miss something. In your second week you wake up. We hear your cry & hold you close, bathe with you, take you for walks by the seaside, breathing every bit of you in. Three weeks on and still astonished that you are ours. We get to keep you, and love you and stare at you all day long.  Your fourth week is spent gazing at the world, snuggling into our chests, stretching, yawning, sighing… oh happy days.

We whisper, don’t grow up too quickly precious one.

Your  mama x

belle & boo

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