Saturday, 22 October 2011

Port Douglas Day Seventeen -

Dear Lola,

We have a relaxing morning. Reading, writing, coffee in one hand & a baby snoozing in the next room. Snoozing till just before lunch time to be exact!

Marty suggests we make the most of this beautiful afternoon & hit the road for a trip up to Cape Tribulation. So with a picnic lunch packed, a freshly sun screened baby, we drive along singing loudly to Fleet Foxes & Boy & Bear, as we zoom past cane fields & quint country houses nestled on stilts in the hills. 

After a short stop to stretch our legs beside the Daintree River we are soon travelling across it on a car ferry! 

Daintree River

The hunt for the cassowary is on as we make our way along the winding roads through the Daintree Rainforest.

First stop - Alexandera Range lookout, with a view of the Daintree... Lola you are more focused on chasing scrub turkeys as we soak in the views.

Second stop - Discovery centre. We only make it as far as the gift shop. It is a little too pricey to enter the boardwalk, plus Marty wants to find his own cassowary - not one that has been found for him!

Third stop - Walk at Jindalba. We have the track to ourselves, Lola you enjoy the bumpy boardwalk almost as much as papa enjoys leaving the boardwalk whenever he hears what could be the call of a cassowary! 

Fourth stop - Lola, at this stop we stay in the car for a little nap, while Papa goes for a walk along Dubuji boardwalk leading him out onto Myall beach.

Fifth stop - The Cape! We made it baby! You awake as we pull up as if knowing we have reached our final destination. We sit on the beach, you run away, we chase you as we watch over our shoulders for crocs! 

We realise it is getting late and with a two hour drive back to Port Douglas we wonder whether you have it in you to make it back with a smile on your face. Of course you do, I think we are all a bit delirious as we laugh most of the way home as Papa holds the cassowary bait (a purple seed that the cassowary feed upon) out the window, with the faint hope that one will come running out of the forest to claim it's dinner.
Oh and you enjoy a punnet of strawberries.

Mmm - strawberries
No cassowaries spotted today, but there are three very happy adventurers who are all smiles having conquered Cape Tribulation!

Your mama

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