Sunday, 1 January 2012

Dear Lola,

You both leave me with tears swelling in my eyes, threatening to overflow and run down my cheeks if I were only to blink.

But I can't blink. Nor move or talk, for my eyes are locked on you both. 

Some may call it mundane. But it is the simple, ordinary and everyday that this feeling basks in. 

Last week it was when your Papa was buckling you into your car seat, singing to you, gently brushing the hair from in front of your eyes and tucking it behind your ear. Kissing you on the head, breathing you in.

Yesterday it was when you fell and Papa picked you up, brushed the dirt from your knees and held  your hand as you both continued on. 

It was today when Papa looked over at you and smiled and you smiled back. 

Mundane, ordinary, everyday - perhaps so.

Breathtakingly beautiful love - most certainly so. 

Your mama

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