Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Dear Lola,

Your Omi is one very creative soul. I think your Papa inherited her creative spirit.

Last year it was a wooden reindeer.

This year a Christmas tree.

1. Fetch suitable sticks to construct tree

 2. Line up sticks and fetch more sticks

 3. Re-arrange sticks in order of length.

 4. Raid Opi's garage for wire and wire cutters.

 5. Twist wire around each branch to join - being careful not to slice open fingers!

 6. Check progress from birds eye view

 7. Test wire strength half way through to avoid any future disappointment

 8. Request the help of mama, who kindly obliges.

 9. Pray that the wire will hold!

 10. Rejoice & stand proud in the fact that it stays in one piece.


 11. Find a branch strong enough to hold the tree (with assistance of Omi & her rainbow ladder)

 12. Marvel at the finished product

13. Go Christmas shopping & leave you & Omi to decorate tree

Your mama

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