Thursday, 5 January 2012

Dear Lola, 

We are pretty sure that the letter "L" is your all time favourite letter. Well, we assume it is because your lovely name starts with a lovely "L"!

The reason we are talking favourite letters is because I'm working on another print for your room. I say "another" because you have many framed prints in your room, which makes me seriously think we need to get you a room with 8 walls as opposed to your mere 4!

Hmmm, YES that's what we shall do - live in a great big tree house that is surrounded by a moat, which features a drawbridge, and a slippery dip down to the ground, with rooms that have 8 walls! 

Well a mama can dream can't she?! 

Here is the print I made especially for you...  thank goodness for those 3 hour naps!

Your mama

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