Monday, 23 January 2012

Dear Lola, 

We had a mission to complete today. It would involve a trip to Spotlight, a date with the sewing machine, a chase through Bunnings, and some muscle power. 

I love these two bookshelves, but dislike that they display all our bits and bots, creating a rather cluttered & dust collecting mess. 

Our aim was to make some mini curtains to cover one section of shelving. 
Easy? Piece of cake! 

Although to be completely honest here, let's re-cap on the obstacles that affected our overall performance on this mission -

* Those tormenting & unreachable orange balloons at Spotlight - which if we had successfully reached, (we didn't) it would have possibly saved the ringing in my ears. 
* Your hour and a half nap (instead of your usual three hours)
* You emptying out a shelf of bolts at Bunnings and then running away, leaving a trail of bolts for me to trip over. 
* The massive blister on my finger, achieved when screwing the first hook in by hand.

Despite these  few dramas we are both happy with the final result, and may even make some more... but we'll save that for another day... that's not tomorrow or the next day after that.

 Your mama

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  1. Loving all the colours and prints!!! Looks awesome!