Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Dear Lola,

Packing up the house really is a funny little undertaking. It makes you realise things you may never have realised if not for the inevitable move.


For some reason we use the colander daily, so it should be packed last.

One shouldn’t toss out the sugar in the sugar bowl four weeks before moving out, leaving visitors with sugarless coffee (sorry Nadia).

We never use the sunbeam poach and boil egg cooker.

We have too many chopsticks, meaning our current ones should be recycled more regularly to avoid build up & potential splinters in the mouth.

Bowls with chips should have been thrown away when the chip first occured.

We have way too much glassware.

Packing with an 18 month old is pointless, unless you like your boxes packed & emptied several times.

Tea-towels make a good substitute if you don’t have bubble wrap.

We have three knife blocks.

We have lots of pretty bowls.

Our mortar and pestle is ridiculously heavy.

And.... if you spill coffee when packing,  clean it off the floor immediately before it solidifies and turns into a tar like consistency, leaving it almost impossible to remove!

Wow! And all this discovered after only having packed away three kitchen cupboards! Can’t wait to see all the other marvellous discoveries we make.

Now less typing & more packing Lola-girl! 

Oh and boxes are fun for playing in!

Your mama

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