Saturday, 11 February 2012

Dear Lola,

Thought it was about time to put you under the spotlight & record some of the fun & hilarious things you are getting up to as our 16 month old peachface.

Trying to put nappies on your toy frog, negotiating the hallway in mama’s shoes, pushing a dolls pram around & feeding your stuffed friend’s food is all in a mornings play for you pickle -juice! Imaginary play has really taken off in Lola- land, and it has caused many a giggle fit between your Papa & I, as we constantly usher & whisper to each other  “quick, come see Lola”, as you go about your pretend play, leaving us in stitches.

Books, books, books, books! BOOKS. Did I ever fully thank cousin Calvin for introducing you to the story “The Elephant and the Bad Baby”? Hmmm – if not thanks so very much Adelaide Jameson’s for giving you a book you are more than happy to read over and over and over again, till we no longer need to look at the text as it is tattooed in our memory bank for eternity.... as are the words “rumpeta, rumpeta, rumpeta!”                                                                                                                    
But seriously, we love your love of books, and with Papas new book rotation system in place, I am thoroughly enjoying sharing in the adventures of a bear hunt, or discovering how exactly that sausage does escape from breakfast!

Tantrums... I don’t particularly like to use that word. Sooky sooky lala is funnier to say & although you do have moments when you burst out in tears & make a sound similar to Chewbacca, to your credit your “lala” moment doesn’t last more than a few seconds....30 maybe, that's for now at least. Break-downs occur mostly in the period before a nap or bed or when you have to say goodbye to Oma, but luckily for us you can be quickly re-directed & laughing again in no time.

What else...

You’re pretty much running now, and your poor face hasn’t been bruise free in months.

You talk lots, repeating pretty much everything we say, but also using language to get what you want - "apple please", or to get where you want - "up please". Oh, and you also point at everything & name it, or if you hear a plane, truck or car start, you announce that too, before waving in the direction of the sound and saying "ta ta". Your new favourite word is 'slippery' - used liberally if you are walking and there is even a pinprick of water on the ground. You stop dead in your tracks and pronounce “SLIPPERY”, code word for pick me up and get me outta here before I end up with another bruise on my forehead! You're a quick learner.

Food glorious food!  You are by no means a little piggie with your food, but you eat pretty much everything. Strawberries, bananas & watermelon are favourites, especially if accompanied with a boiled egg or tuna or rice or pasta or better still, all four mixed together.  Oh, you can also smell chocolate from a mile away & pop corn is a yummy treat at Oma’s place.

I could most certainly go on, but for the sake of  doing something else constructive whilst you nap, I will leave it here cuddle monster.

You are just lovely & make us so happy we could burst.

Your mama x

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  1. wait til you see the episode of Play School where Rhys Muldoon reads The Elephant and the Bad Baby. You'll never read it the same way again!!!