Monday, 12 March 2012

Dear Lola, 

You are quite the conversationalist. Therefore, during our afternoon tea parties we have been discussing the fact that we are moving to another home very soon.
The conversation usually goes something like this.

"Lola, did you know we have been packing all these boxes because we are moving to our new house very soon?"

At this point you usually offer me - "more tea?"

"Yes. Thank you Lola!" - "And did you know you will have a big garden to run around in?"

"Bickie please" - you say.

"And you can help papa in the garden & spot all the lizards relaxing in the sun!" - I say excitedly. 

To which you respond "more tea please!"

"Certainly! Yes, more tea for me too please."

We cheers and slurp our tea & I think to myself, good chat baby girl. But just when I start to believe we are making headway, I find you here. 

It seems you have some idea that we are moving, but you may still be a bit clueless as to the correct address...

Your mama

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