Thursday, 5 April 2012

Dear Lola,

You may have noticed that we now live amongst the trees, where the deer roam free and the bush turkeys greet us in the morning. Where there is silent hush, a cheeky bower bird, and enough room for you to spin around without me having to create a human barrier around you. We are home and couldn’t be peachier. You’re soaking up all the extra space & quickly finding your way around the place. With the exception of that time when I asked you to get your shoes from your room & you raced into the bathroom, threw your hands on your head and a big “Oh no!” echoed down the hallway. To your credit though, you have already found the fastest route to the kitchen & know where to put your dirty clothes.

I am loving finding a new home for all our treasures and I'm praising the basement/gargage, which acts as a holding bay for all our boxes, leaving a clean slate upstairs where only the most precious treasures and essentials see the light of day.  Everything feels fresh & pretty.

With this system in place there is still a sense of chaos that comes with any big move, but there is always some beauty to be found amongst the chaos...

Celebratory Champagne

Rose from my papa 

Lunch time al fresco

Pretty things

Flattenin' boxes

Reading nook

Winter here we come!  

Your mama

*For the record we have ripped up the carpet in the hallway, your room, the ‘sitting’ room & study. We then tore all the wallpaper off the walls in these rooms, steamed off the paper underneath, filled in the holes, sanded, undercoated, painted (two coats)and had the floors polished. All of which could not have been accomplished without the help of some very special family members. You know who you are... and if you don’t just look at your hands to see whether they're blistered, paint stained or splinterfied.

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