Sunday, 6 May 2012

Dear Lola, 

"Maaaiiiilllll!" I hear you yell as you bolt toward the front door. We sit patiently on the driveway in the sun as the mailman (and yes he is a man) is still a few streets away from reaching us. Papa says you have the ears of an elephant - I think he is right!
You don't mind waiting though, as you yell some more - "come ere pup!" to the friendly neighbourhood watch dog that roams the street in his red check coat, or "kids come ere" to the cute children across the street who play peek a boo with you from their front window. 
Matter of fact, no bird, plane, car, man, lady, mower, blower, whipper snipper or creature of any shape, form or size gets by without you announcing it proudly. You get it right most of the time... with that exception of last week when an older gentleman was walking right past us, and you announced loudly - "lady walking!"

Lucky for us the mailman saved the day and zoomed right in and handed us some packages. 

An early mothers day present for me for all those winter nights ahead.

And some adorable little second hand sandals for you...

And yes you will be wearing them over tights & knee high socks. We are German after all. 
Collecting the mail sure is fun!

Your mama


  1. Thank you for your lovely comment. And that crocheted hottie cover is outrageously good. xxx

  2. Ah, I love little chatterboxes :)