Thursday, 14 June 2012

Dear Lola,
The saw dust has settled, the tools have been packed away and the smell of freshly cut cypress is all but gone. We have been busy bench builders. Or should I say Luke & Papa have been busy.
What was once a garden bed full of dirt & dust has been transformed into a wooden wonder! A bench seat & a very welcome addition to our sun room.

Let the fun begin (I'm sure I've said that before?) - building a frame

 Papa's trapped!

Lending a helping hand as always

Yep - it's straight, good work guys.

Lying down on the job!

 Working into the night & reflecting...

 Testing out the finished product

We need a few more cushions - mama can help out on that front!

Glorious sunshine

Holds Lola and her kiwi friend, so it passes the test!

Here's to many happy, sunny, lazy, crazy bench days together.

Your mama


  1. Such a great idea guys! Will be a lovely place to sit and catch some winter sun. Luke looks so much like your Dad! I had to double take on some of those pics!

  2. Wow, that looks awesome!! Your house is so beautiful....loving all your little projects, especially Lola's room!