Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Dear Lola,

We hadn't been to the op shop in a while. It's been a couple of weeks, which is a long while for us, and we were on a mission to find some cheap picture frames for a photo ledge I'm working on. 

We found a few decent frames... 50c each

And then we found this huge cane basket. I instantly thought it would be perfect for next to our fireplace to store fire wood. We had been keeping an eye out for one. However, it's been sitting in the lounge room since we got home & it could also make a good toy storage basket.. hmmmm. $10.

Then I spotted this crochet blanket & couldn't leave it behind. It's a great size too - would fit a double bed for sure. But seeming we don't have a double bed & we have plenty of throw rugs already, I was thinking I might hang it in your room, sprawled across one of your bare walls. Mind you there aren't many bare walls left! $4.

 You found this adorable vintage wooden dress up lion & tiger boxed set, so we popped it in the basket too. $1.

 These canisters are perfect for coffee & tea bags - $2.

 But wait there's more. Handmade drawing/paint smock with a little pocket on the front - 50 cents.

 Mini table runner - pretty sure that was free (as was the purple stuffed rabbit that was held tightly under your arm as we approached the check out) The ladies serving couldn't resist your smile.

 Lastly a vest, because nothing quite beats a knitted vest - $3. 

I love to shop and when I'm spending under 20 bucks for a bunch of awesome stuff & better still the money is going to charity, everyone walks away happy! I might add you were a little champ the whole time, sticking close by as your crazy mama juggled all our treasures. Let's do it again some time soon.

Your mama


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  1. Ash - you find the coolest things! Every time I venture into an opshop, I come out empty-handed! I'm sure I'm missing a multitude of treasures, but I am lousy at it! My sister is exactly like you though - always finding awesome things.