Sunday, 29 July 2012

Dear Lola, 

Here are some lovely things that made us smile over our weekend.

1. Hitching a paddock ride
2. Most favourite crayons
3. Bottom of the fridge soup
4. Babushka & bird whistle + one lonely lion*
5. A soft place to lay our heads
6. Swishing dress
7. Sun peeking in
8.Thrifted treasures catching the light ($1 each!)
9. Making syrup...
10. For this cake
11. A delicious dinner
12. "Come on Milo!"
13. Three

* Omi has several knitted finger puppets. You adore them & played with them constantly during our stay, carrying them around in your pockets & acting out all sorts of games. The poor lion however, was instantly outcast & excluded from the group. He could not join in the fun, and although (bless your heart) you would feed him, you would not dote on him as you did the others . This of course caused many a giggle, questions & theories as to why the lion was rejected so...? And well frankly, we may never know.... but one thing we are all certain of & agreed on, is that you are so. very. hilarious. Lola.

Your mama

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