Sunday, 8 July 2012

Dear Lola, 

We had a very busy weekend of paving (papa) and sewing (mama), of tidying, sorting & playing. 
And amid all the happy chaos I discovered you have become what we call 'the master of camouflage'! 

Over the last few months you have developed some really strong solitary playing skills, and more often than not you'll find me quietly peeking my head into a room to watch you singing, chatting, reading, cuddling or drawing, until I giggle a little too loudly & blow my cover.

But lately I've been having a little more trouble locating you, & I'm finding myself tripping over you, walking right past you, or looking in any one room several times before I discover you in there. Hence, you have been adequately crowned ' the master of camouflage'

I'll let these pictures do the talking...

You blend right into the carpet in that last one! Admittedly,you weren't so much hiding or playing, but rather stuck in your sleep sack & wedged between two lounges & my handbag. You are so funny & adorable, and I tell you that each & every single day.

Your mama

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