Sunday, 21 October 2012

Dear Lola, 

It was my birthday yesterday & I turned 28! Why not celebrate with 28 photos from my big day...

Opening gifts after a lovely sleep in

First stop - Kiama markets. 
Lola meets the locals. "Goats are funny & just a little bit scary!"

My two


Waiting very patiently

After 1/2 hour wait, looking through a booklet of butterflies, fairies & ladybugs, Lola announces she wants to be a "green snake please!"

Enjoying brunch by the water

Exploring with papa


Second stop - Back home
For a bit of relaxing

Checking out my new Jamie book - Marty "Yeah - we can nail that in 15 minutes!"

Beautiful jars from my family, flowers from my dad, twine from my marty

He knows me too well

Garden clogs. I haven't taken them off since they arrived! 

Third stop: Oktoberfest!
Lola gets involved, but is too blown away & mesmerised by the music & dancing!

Yep - the music sure is loud!

Us - really, you were having fun!

Especially when pancakes magically landed on your lap!

 Back to the music and dancing!

 Oh and the rocket ride was a huge hit

As was the pretzel! lucky little peach

Mamas favourite - Sound Of Music medley!

More entertainment, we didn't want to leave...

Fourth stop - Party time at mum & dads.
Way to make a girl feel loved..


Family of 3

Edie girl

Cake time is our favourite time - thanks to my mama for the most delicious cake!

And that's not even the half of it - very, very loved. Very.

For today I am grateful, a little teary, mostly smiley & blessed.
Birthdays sure are fun. Till next year...

Your mama

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