Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Dear Lola, 

This year we spent our first winter & spring in our garden. And boy were we treated to a show. 

I cannot help but picture the previous owner standing in the yard, with a baton in hand, conducting the garden to grow & flower with a swift wave of his wrist
Yes, admittedly a strange image for one to have, but perhaps I picture this because it seems that as each group of flowers have grown, bloomed, and fallen to the ground, (only to be thrown into the air like confetti by you) we are instantly treated to another group of flowers appearing somewhere else. We have since discovered the garden works in seamless harmony, providing constant colour & fragrance throughout the year.

The camellia trees were first to explode during winter. Perhaps it was too cold to take a photo, as I can't locate one, but literally hundreds of red, white and pink flowers filled those trees.

Then came the azaleas, primulas, lavender & so on and so fourth. Thankfully, I did manage to take a couple of photos over the last few months...

Wading through the primulas


 Your secret passage way

 The vegie garden

"It's snowing!" - you squealed as the flowers fell.

And I only had to peek out your window this afternoon, to discover the hydrangeas in bloom...

At the end of a busy day in the garden

Your mama

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