Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Dear Lola, 

Seeming as though I was pretty much terrified of Santa till around the age of eight, barley able to look at him, wave at him, let alone sit on his lap long enough for a photo, I kind of assumed you would be the same. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the idea of Santa, was completely fascinated, happy to leave cookies out for him and wake up to presents under the tree, but the thought of seeing him in person, and potentially having to sit on his lap...that thought was terrifying.

So when mid November rolled around and Santa’s started appearing everywhere, I braced myself for extra cuddles & clinginess, for possible tears & running in the opposite direction. I didn’t mind this thought, as I like extra cuddles, and never really was a fan of those Santa photos, especially the ones where the kids are clawing at thin air & screaming in absolute fear for their lives, after being unwillinging plonked on Santa's lap.

But how mistaken was I...

 “Heeeeelllo Santa! Where’s your reindeer Santa?” – I believe were the first words to be shouted at the man himself as we tip toed  by.

The Santa crush has since exploded, and you’ve shaken more white gloves than I can count, collected more balloons, reindeer ears, & lolly pops than I can carry. And yes you did ask to sit on Santa's lap, and yes you did sit there for 10 minutes chatting away, and told Santa our address, that you would like lego please, & that you have a cousin named Edie, who you will kick a ball with one day..... and yes we did get that overly expensive Santa photo. How could I possibly resist.

Because as I watched you there with Santa, so confident, so happy, so relaxed & full of excitement, I realised that you are completely and utterly unique. I may be your mama, but you do not hold the same fears I held as a child, you are you, and very special at that.

But with all this Santa frenzy & talk of reindeer's, I am extra thankful for our little chats, the beautiful nativity scenes that your papa bought you, and for the book “Wombat Divine”, because it’s for these things that you are already aware that while Santa is fun,  we are indeed celebrating something much more important here.

This is quite a lot for one little 25 month old to take on.... but one doubt I never held was your ability to do just that. 

You were so fixated on your conversation with Santa, that you didn’t particularly want to look at the camera. I'm pretty sure you were mid sentence in this photo.

Your mama

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