Sunday, 13 January 2013

Dear Lola, 

A handful of conversations with you my little peachy, who yesterday had a nasty little stomach bug.

After a morning of non-stop throwing up.

Lola - "Can I have some milk.... pleaaase?"
Mama - "Sorry, no you can't sweetheart, your tummy needs a rest"
Lola - "Okay, I'll just have a yoghurt then"
Mama - "Oh Lola"
Lola - "How about cheese?"
Lola - "An ice-cream.... anything... pleaaaase!"

When I realised you were feeling a little better.

Lola - "I feel happy now, can we go and check the sunflowers?"
Mama - "Of course"
Lola - "And the strawberries?"
Mama - "Yep"
Lola - "And the chillies?"
Mama - "Yep"
Lola - "Oh yes, that is a good idea!"

When I realised you were feeling much better.

Lola: "I vomit on you mama. And on Oma." "But not on Papa."
Mama: Lucky papa.
Lola: "No, lucky mama!"

And then before bed, out of nowhere.

Lola: "Do flamingo's get sick"
Mama: "Um, yes Lola, I'm sure they do from time to time."
Lola: "Poor little flamingo's."

Thankfully, today you have bounced back and the conversations are flowing & all happy. Sadly, that little nasty bug has found a new home in my belly. Ah well, better me than you.

Your mama

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  1. You look so nice together! Your conversations cracks me up! I really like your blog! New follower! :)