Thursday, 10 January 2013

Dear Lola,

What a Thursday it  has been! 
You were lucky enough to have your Auntie Jules all to yourself this morning. 
I was lucky enough to go treasure hunting on my very own as a result. 
You were lucky enough to spend the afternoon jumping on the trampoline.
And we were all lucky enough to have a delicious dinner cooked for us, and to spend the evening with family.
That's a whole lot of lucky right there.

A few photos from today.


1. You are one lucky peach to have one Auntie Jules.
2. It's summer, but I couldn't leave this knit in the 50c bin.
3. It's January, but I couldn't leave these decorations in the 50c bin.
4. Trampolining
5. Papa & Edie girl.

Your mama

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