Saturday, 23 February 2013

Dear Lola, 

We are home, and boy does it feel good.

We feel so very loved.

This is a short part of the last email sent from your Oma, the day before we arrived home.

"...take care, travel well and safely ( I will fly with you) and tell my angel girl that if she can't see us right away that we will be the ones holding a balloon high above the crowds."

And with that said, as soon as we landed on Australian soil, you were in search of that balloon, and more importantly the ones who would be holding it.

From the way we felt when we saw that balloon floating high above the crowds, we may as well have been gone for three years rather then three weeks. Boy does it feel good to be home.

We stumble through our front door just after midnight, to be greeted with even more love.

 - A freshly made zucchini slice from Oma, made with our chickens very own eggs! (To our delight the chickens started laying whilst we were away - 2 eggs a day!)

- A beautiful tub of lovingly made bircher muesli, and a tub of fresh yoghurt, with a note - 'stir through some yoghurt and serve with fruit or on its own - enjoy - welcome home!' - Thank you, thank you to your Aunty Jules. I couldn't possibly wait till morning and had a bowl right there & then.

- And of course a bowl overflowing with fresh fruit and veges & some kinder chocolate for you.

- A loaf of bread & milk, and more yoghurt and eggs & cheese.... ahhh.

- And then there was the vase of freshly picked roses, which was enough to make me want to cry.

Our garden has also been working very hard - (thanks in part to the care it received from family).

We have new eggplants, tomatoes, cucumbers, chillies, limes, ginger & lemons. The basil looks like it may take over the house, as do the other herbs, and the olive tree & rosemary bushes have exploded. 

Papa's citrus tree seedlings stand about half a metre tall now and he is busy dreaming of where to put them.

I could go on, but it's almost 1pm and you are still fast asleep, so this is a chance to unpack a little. Or rather finish unpacking, seeming your papa has already taken care of most of it and already has a line full of washing hung out...

Home, we have missed you... did I mention it's good to be back?

Your mama

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