Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Dear Lola, 

A few photos from each day, as I'm a bit behind on this ol' diary... must be having too much fun!

Day 9

Food is always a highlight, and today is no exception.  Here we are enjoying our 2nd breakfast, overflowing with papaya, bananas, pineapple, omelets, mountains of bread, sweet jams, yogurt & good tea. Papa has feasted on barracuda, snapper, jumbo prawns, buffalo curd, sticky rice & every type of spicy curry under the sun! You and I may not be quite as adventurous, but we are invited to our tuk tuk drivers home for afternoon tea, where his family treat us to pancakes with grated coconut & sweet spice filling. You sipped from a freshly cracked coconut, played with our new friends children, and finished up your third pancake... needless to  say, it was very hard to tear you away from the place!

Day 10

The whales & dolphins  we saw this morning may have been very impressive (for some of us at least, as you slept for three hours of this bobbing ride) , but watching you play here till sunset was a definite highlight. You squealed with joy as the waves rolled in, and set up a hamburger shop, and sold them to every sea creature you could name – including a jelly fish named Jimbo Jones (thanks Dr Seuss).

Day 11

First family snap, as we explore the little islands speckled around the place. We climb, we admire, we climb some more & then we swim till sunset.

Day 12


A day of rest at luxurious Peacock Resort. Lounging in our spacious room, with intermediate dips in the pool, room service, walks through the grounds in search of monkeys & peacocks, and a good dose of Peppa Pig for you. A day well spent.

Day 13

Safari time! We arrive in Yalla & jump in a jeep that same afternoon. The weather was as wild as the animals we saw, as we experience sunshine, thunder, lightning, the heaviest of rain, and then sunshine again - which was a bit freaky considering we were surrounded by wild leopards & crocs. Within moments we spot our first elephants, spotted deer, monkeys, crocs, endless buffalo, mongoose & some of the most beautiful birds we have ever seen. Your favourites are the wild pigs.

Your mama

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