Monday, 11 March 2013

Dear Lola, 

A weekend getaway was all this growing family needed.

A weekend full of family, beautiful food, the river, the ocean & the hammock. Oh, and a good dose of sorbet of course!

We'll let the photos do the talking...

the little sandbank islands sprinkled throughout the middle of the river were spectacular!

proud as punch.

jumping off the sandbanks into the river on your bottom is the best fun

making sandy crocodiles to scare mama.

the most plump, fresh figs from Farmer Mottrams garden.


lunch with a view.

omi has lots of lovely things.

morning swims at hyams beach.

lunch is served.

 busy making sorbet


Your mama


  1. What a delightful weekend! I want to pinch Lola's cheeky bum (and her Omi's thermomix!) Love seeing your little bubba bump hun. x x x

  2. Oh you noticed the thermomix! It's a dream! Fresh sorbet in literally seconds - which is handy when you have a little helper with limited patience when it comes to sorbet!
    I know - the bump - can't believe how quickly it's popped out this time - a little scary, but mostly exciting :)

  3. Oh I would love a thermomix, its on my wish list but I don't think I will be getting one anytime soon! The bump is gorgeous, so excited for you guys! x x