Thursday, 16 May 2013

 Dear Lola, 

Life it seems is back to normal. Big sigh of relief all around. I have enough energy to chase you around kindygym, enough strength to move a bookcase down the hall and into your new room, and enough stamina to potter busily around the house during your naptime. And just enough time to share some photos snapped over the last few weeks.

there are always beautiful flowers to admire at our place, picked by my very own papa.

 a crisp afternoon spent barefoot & covered in chalk dust.

 the chicken quarters spied through our jungle, designed and hand built by some very special & talented men in our lives.

every night a bath party takes place, and every night we dry little pruned hands & feet

a warmer autumn day, a purple frock & enough glue to keep you happy.

a sneak peek into a room that's coming together slowly but surely.

cinos and carrot & cinnamon cupcakes in the morning sun, because we can.

your coats pressed and ready for blustery days.

a sweet treat for staying still for mama.

Your mama

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