Monday, 27 May 2013

Dear Lola,

Some keepers from last week. 
A rainy, somewhat snotty, tea drinking, cardigan wearing, snuggle under our blankets sort of week.

Homemade berry & yoghurt pops, gobbled up in front of the fire on a freezing day.

My birthday magnolia & colourful pansies make me happy.

Stair strike. Some days you just prefer to be in my arms.

I love watching you eat, and rarely capture it. I think you caught me out.

Not quite enough for a relish, but getting there slowly.

I believe it was too cold not be wearing shoes or a cardy. You believed otherwise.

 You lay on the lounge watching the rain. Asking every now and again if we could play on the slippery dip yet.

You dressed up and impersonated papa for most of Wednesday morning.

It rained a fair bit, hence a lot of painting took place. Always followed closely by a 9am bath.

You have a love affair with pockets, and carrying your little treasures in them.

Always pruning.

There was no way of leaving you out of cleaning & mending the chicken laying quarters.

Over the next few weeks half our house will resemble a construction site, as walls are ripped out, walls are put in, flooring is laid, painting is done, and as we welcome plumbers, electricians & builders, all in preparation for our new kitchen to be put in. 
Being in peak nesting mode, all this mess is bound to overwhelm, but I can only turn my overwhelmed mind to the finished product. And I'm pretty certain it will all be worth it!

Your mama


  1. I somehow missed this post, what glorious days you have all been having. Good luck with the kitchen renos, I cant wait to see the finished product! x

    1. Hehe - I somehow miss seeing the lovely comments I get! Just appreciating each weekday with just the two of us, because oh how things will change when baby arrives :) Neck deep in house renos now... somehow the kitchen has moved from it's original location to being built & incorporated into the sunroom area! Crazy times, but I think it will all pay off! Happy Wednesday :)

  2. I love all the different overalls you have! Such a wonderful collection of photos.

    1. Thanks Alanah! If only they made all those funky overalls in my size! Not sure I could get away with filling the pockets with glitter sticks and rocks though... Thanks for stopping by x