Thursday, 23 May 2013

Dear Lola, 

The story of last Sunday morning.

We awoke early on Sunday, ate our porridge, brushed our teeth & got all dressed up in record time
Stockings, bloomers, singlet, dress, pretty dancing shoes, spotty bow - check! 

We marvelled at Edie as she giggled, smiled & oohed and ahhed throughout her baptism.

At the little celebration afterward, you and Edie enjoyed some lovely cuddles with your Uncle Lukey.

Naturally, we wanted to capture you both on this special day, and at first you were patient & obliging.

But slowly & understandably so, the smiles wore thin as your minds wandered onto more important things such as cake and milk.

This was the last photo captured before we let you loose on the cake & milk. Your expressions say it all.

We enjoyed a delicious morning tea in beautiful surrounds.

And watched as a mama & her littlie embraced each other & the sunshine.

Daddy also got some cuddles.

You happily amused yourself with books, dancing & climbing about.

Oh and strawberries.

Despite only having had a little nap that morning, Edie was her happy & adorable self.

Uncle Lukey made Edie laugh again...

And the two Godparents and Edie stretched out on the lawn.

We are just a little bit smitten with this little one.

The boys amused the girls.

There was a quick yoghurt break with Uncle Marty.

And I was just a bit thrilled at every chance I got to cuddle Edie girl.

What a beautiful morning it was.

Your mama

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  1. Such a beautiful post... I love the photo of you 3.. adorable x