Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Dear Lola, 

When pregnant with you, I had already read you three books, knitted a blanket, sewn little dresses & embellished many a singlet and tiny pants. Your room was complete, and an inviting place to sit & think about your arrival and the days that would follow. A baby book had already been scribbled in, and your precious name was spoke of often.

Naturally, with this littlie things are a bit different. I may have only read half a book, sewn a few things, and half finished the nursery, but each is done with just as much heart, care & love as the first time around. Maybe with even a little more heart, seeming our precious time is slightly more limited these days.

Yet despite living amongst a construction zone, and chasing & seeing to a fun loving toddler (that's you Lola), there will always be some of that precious time set aside for you littlie.

a rainy afternoon, a sleeping lola & two cups of tea = this to hang in your room.

Collecting & gathering little things.

I finally found the perfect baby book.

 And I made you this my littlest love - inspired by an image I found on pinterest, & being surrounded by an endless supply of pretty wood.

  Your presence sure is felt in a big way these days.

 Your mama

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