Thursday, 19 September 2013

a little nursery tour

Dear Lola,

A little peek into the nursery. A room I sit in and dream a little dream of you.

I love that the room overflows with handmade treasures (the latest addition being the stunning dream catcher that hangs above the chest of drawers & the change mat, made lovingly by your auntie siany). 

There are plenty of treats that you have helped me pick out Lola - the knitted zebra being your favourite. And there is a simple thread of coloured beads you made and hung off one of the owl hooks your papa created. You also placed your precious little white bunny nightlight in there for the baby.

The cane chair, the blue wooden crate & the white wicker bassinet basket are all recycled treasures found on the nature strip. And we decided to keep the blackboard in the room, as you thought it would be a good place to teach the baby to draw.   

A warm, soft light enters the room & a couple of huge hydrangea bushes sit just outside the window, ready to burst full of colourful flowers.

My hope is that this room gives our baby the same sense of calm, peace & feelings of love that wash over me when I sit in there.

Your mama

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  1. O my, I am so thrilled you accidentally posted about 8 times over at The Beetle Shack because it caught my eye and made me check you out!!! This is quiet possibly the sweetest little room I have ever seen.
    I love handmade treasures and I am an avid roadside thrifted, you do both proud, Lola is a lucky girl.
    Liv xx