Monday, 9 September 2013

Dear Lola, 

On a beautiful Spring morning, I was treated to a very special pre-baby celebration. 

As five ladies (mum, jules, lola, edie & I) enjoyed a delicious morning tea by the oceans shore, a little play on the sand followed.

We have one truly blessed babe on our hands, as the most precious and most lovely gifts were presented to one very overwhelmed & grateful mama.

waiting for our vanilla milkshakes & banana bread with ricotta & maple syrup - delicious!

the tea party continues on the sand

gift time & tear time.

just have a look at all those lovingly made & hand picked gifts...

I can't tell you how much fun I'm having finding a home in the nursery for all these delights. 

Auntie Jules made the very sweet wool wrapped design pictured above, as well as the bunny hamper and the darling rain drop. 
Your Oma knitted the most precious blanket, the sweetest sheep pillow that makes me smile so big, as well as a tiny hat, cardy and red overalls, to name but a few. Oh and I haven't even included the knitted hot air balloon that will float above the crib!

I'm pretty certain that our baby will look back on this day and feel just as loved as I do.

Your mama


  1. Such a precious day for your loved babe. Those handmade treats are divine, I am sure your babe will feel the love they have been made with.. Wishing you slow and restful days. x

  2. Thanks so much lovely one - nice to see you around these woods again :) I must admit I get excited when I see you have posted on your own blog. Your photos and words always fill me with a sense of calm, something I'm going to need as our family expands.
    Seems as though you've had a rough few weeks.. Praying little audrey makes a full & fast recovery, she is such a little darling x

  3. These gifts are truly from the heart and absolutely beautiful