Thursday, 21 November 2013

Dear Maeve,

You are fast approaching 8 weeks old. 
8 weeks! Really?!

Lola mostly calls you Maevie (pronounced may-vee). 
Papa mostly calls you possum. 
I mostly call you petal.

- Apparently tummy time isn't exciting enough, so you have taught yourself to roll over onto your back to get a better view of things. We all thought this was pretty clever of you, and cheered very loudly.
- Your first trip to Ikea, although we're not sure you'll remember it, as you slept the entire time.
-You broke your doctors heart, as you smiled at him just moments before he jabbed you with your first round of immunisations. I've never seen a smile turn upside down so quickly.

- Sleeping in the car & pram. Your basket will also do, as long as you have your dummy to drift off with.
- Sleep ins. Lets pray this continues! You and your sister miraculously rise at around the same time, and it's well after the suns risen thank you very much. Your sister crawls into bed with us and greets you with cuddles, kisses and "well isn't it just a beautiful day!" - which is spoken within an inch of your face, and in a rather high pitched squeal.
-Smiling & chatting to anyone who comes within eye view. 

-Belly wind that can make you squirmish & teary. Nothing a cuddle and leg bicycle can't fix.

An overload of photos from this week.

Little Mae Mae

Watching Play-School.... upside down.

Tummy time concentration.

Hello there.

We have a feeling those baby blue eyes might stick around.

Oh the faces that keep us laughing!

Just hanging around.

In love with my mobile (thanks Jasper).

These two.

 In the garden.

Your mama

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