Monday, 9 December 2013

Dear Lola & Maeve, 

Maeve, today you woke earlier than usual from your morning nap. You were yawning & still had sleepy eyes, and I was totally indecisive about weather I should try and rock you back to sleep, or just unzip the sleep sack and let you free! 
Lola, you chirped up and said "I'll take care of her, she wants me to!"
So with that said,  Maeve was released into your awaiting arms. 

Although there were extra yawns coming from your corner Maeve, Lola, you did such a fantastic & impressive job of keeping Maeve happy & smiling the entire time, bringing her pretty much right up to her midday nap. 

There were songs, stories, cuddles & a very proud mama... who actually even got to hang out the washing!

(the middle photo was from this morning - the other two pretty much sum up life around here most days)

Your mama

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