Sunday, 2 February 2014

Dear Lola & Maeve, 

Even though neither of you are at school age, (thank goodness for that!), the school year dictates a lot of things. So with school back, so are our weekday activities. 
And therefore, as I lay in bed this morning, I went over all we had planned this week. 
Monday - play date. 
Tuesday - dance (your first class Lola... to say you are excited is an understatement)
Wednesday - play group.
Thursday - kinda gym.
Friday - play date.

I felt a sudden surge of exhaustion wash over me just thinking about it. But then I got excited. And then I rolled out of bed, otherwise we were going to be late for our play date at the beach!

Life is busy. But good busy. Fun busy. And when we're home by midday for a rest, and the remainder of the afternoon is open to all sorts of experiences, I can't help but feel incredibly blessed.

We'll squeeze in the groceries somewhere along the way too... because although papa is happy to do them, I quietly, really, truly love taking you both.

Your mama


  1. at what age do they start school in australia?
    lola'll have a great day tomorrow dancing!

  2. Hello! They start when they are 5 years old (or if they will be turning five before half way through the school year) Meaning they can be four and you can choose to send them. Lucky for lola her birthday is october, so she will 5 and 4 months when school starts in february of 2016! Argh, I dont want to think about it just yet ;) How about wendie? how old will she be? Does she go to pre school yet? x

    1. she's been 3 in january and if we would like to send her to preschool, we could've sent her at 2,5 years old, but then she can start primary school, preschool's optional but her pediatrician told us it was better to send her to last preschool (she'll be 5 years and 7 months, +/- as lola will start school...).
      by the way, we wanted wendie to start ballet too, but in belgium they cant start until they're 5... anyways she even doesnt want to go to her gym classes for now.
      happy weekend!

  3. Those photos are too cute! Being a school teacher, but current sahm I can relate to the school holiday thing! Ruby (3.5) starts three year old kinder this Friday, can't believe it! Only two hours a week but feels like she's grown up overnight...sigh!
    Will Lola be doing ballet? Ruby is always dancing around at home and (to me) naturally moves so gracefully, toes pointed and arms outstretched, so unlike her mama ;) She does swimming and I've always considered ballet but have never been sure! :)

    1. the new blog name too! :)

    2. Oh ruby starting kinder, what a big week for you all... even if it is only 2 hours, it's that whole 'I can't believe they are old enough to be without us for two hours!' Sure she will love it. I've put lolas name down at a few pre schools, but happy for her to begin next year, if a single day doesn't come up this year.
      Yes, lola started ballet today, and absolutely loved it. It's actually a friends dance school, and I was given the tutu, and all the bits for my baby shower! So she was always destined to be a little ballerina! Sounds as though ruby would love it too. :)