Thursday, 27 February 2014

Dear Maeve,

5 months. 
I feel I may be repeating myself, but honestly where did the time go?

This month you have discovered and fallen in love with the jolly jumper & walker. With Lola cheering & clapping with great enthusiasm, you think you are pretty clever.
You have semi mastered sitting, and with the support of your arms you can sit monkey style, for quite a while.
You watched with great interest as papa ate a pear, only to offer you some and have you latch on and NOT let go. Avocado & cucumber also got a thumbs up. Rice cereal is bit mushy and plain for your liking, but you won't say no to it either. I think your food journey is going to be an exciting one!
You discovered you can squeal and make one long constant sound, that both delights & irritates your big sister.
You spend lots of time at the beach, and know the drill when we get home - nappy off, and a hose down in the yard to wash off all that sand you smuggled home.
The ducks at the gardens have caught your attention, and you like them very much.
You love grocery shopping just as much as your Grandpa... which is an awful lot!
Story time before a sleep always gets a huge smile.
As does milk time. 
In fact your smile is pretty infectious.
You are a happy kid, a real little ray of sunshine.  

Papa calls you possum pants.
Lola calls you her Maevie baby.
And I call you bubba girl. 

Happy 5 months my love.

Your Mama

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